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Community's Season 5 Finale Was More Symbolic Than You Think

If you assumed the epic season finale of Community was just great references to the 70's and a delightfully disturbed Chang, you're wrong.

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To understand this week's hugely symbolic episode of Community, you first have to recognize that each character plays a metaphoric role for the real life issues the show faces. After three successful yet erratic seasons, the producers at NBC fired creator Dan Harmon and turned the show into a watered-down version of something vaguely familiar. Season four (referred to as "The Gas Leak Season") met many negative reviews as fans demanded Community back the way it was; smart, fast-paced, and edgy. The demands were met, and Dan Harmon was brought back on to produce a 13 episode season. Despite the fifth season being highly successful, neither a sixth season nor a movie, were guaranteed (#sixseasonsandamovie). This left fans questioning what would become of their beloved cult classic, as no questions had yet been answered. Until this Thursday, when the writers spoke to us in the best way they know how: through their characters.

"You nearly destroy the school when you find out it's about to make a profit", Or "I've got this, I'm drunk." The school board is trying to shutdown Greendale and turn it for a profit, all the while bashing the students and clomping around foolishly.

"Annie look. I don't know people, but I do know TV. When characters feel like their show is ending, their instinct is to spin off into something safer. In Jeff and Britta's case, something that would last 6 episodes [...]. The point is, this show Annie it isn't just their show. It's our show. This is our show and its not over."

(And it's popularity)

"It's just, even if we do save Greendale, which Greendale will we be saving? First Piers dies, then Troy leaves. And now people are getting married."

...Viewers who have the power to save the show with their dedicated following, sharing, and influencing of others.

Jeff and Annie FTW!

"Definitely. We'll definitely be back next year. If not it will be because an asteroid has destroyed all of human civilization."

Abed's character represents the writers, actors, directors, and crew that makes and WILL continue to make this show a wonderful reality. And that's canon.

Applause for the Task Manager- Annie (aka The Fans).

Thank you Community, we love you too.

Don't forget to spread the word and gear up for #SixSeasonsAndAMovie

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