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15 Thoughts You Have During A Training Day

Training days for work have so many emotions.

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You see the training day invite in your inbox.

Spending a day listening to someone talk at me for 3 hours about how I shouldn't run with a pointed fountain pen is my idea of living hell.

It is okay, I'll think of an excuse of why I am unable to attend. It's fine.

The boss says it is compulsory. Everyone must attend

Janet from HR said she couldn't go because she has kids and the big boss said everyone has to go under no uncertain terms. This is it. I have to go. Even if I die I will still have to attend. WHY.

You then find out that lunch isn't even provided on this training day

Free food is the only perk of these damn things, and they've taken it away. I WANTED THE LITTLE SANDWICHES & PACKETS OF BISCUITS.

You & your colleagues decide to stick together and brave it

You're all in this together now - you'll stand united and get through this as a team.

You wake up on the day of training & question whether you really need your job


It is freezing cold outside and health and safety isn't that important. Y.

You arrive and they begin with ice breakers.

Get this stupid name tag off me. I don't care if Katie from Southampton loves baking and works in accounting. Get me out of here.

You then get thanked for being there.


Questions are being directed at people

Please do not pick me for the love of god I will do anything. I will never sleep through snooze ever again just pls do not pick me. Pls. I will change my ways.

But you've been asked anyway

Life is a cruel mistress. The injustice.

Interesting points arise...

Yes! A horror story about someone running with scissors! This reminds me about story about the sorry end of the kid who died after tipping his chair - every single teacher had seen it.

You & your colleagues realise that this training day isn't that bad...

I can get sued if resuscitate someone and hurt their ribs in the process? The fuq?

It turns out there is a lot to learn in this session...

Soaking the health & safety knowledge up like a sponge...

Soaking the health & safety knowledge up like a sponge...

The training session is also available online

The training sesh had some great gifs and memes that you could use in everyday situations. Along with the stuff you learnt of course.

There's even a certificate!

This certificate proves that I am qualified and have endured training! Yay me!

Turns out everyone's going to the bar for a few drinks

It is a school night and this is a professional event BUT there's an open tab. 10 shots of tequila pls.

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