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16 Things Everyone Must Eat In Cardiff

Delicious dining in the Welsh capital.

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1. The wild mushroom wellington at Milk & Sugar.

milkandsugarwindsorplace / Via Instagram

Take a walk around Cardiff castle, then head to Milk & Sugar. Their wild mushroom wellington is to die for. Creamy mushrooms and puff pastry that are perfect on a chilly Cardiff day, served with steaming hot spring greens. If you have room afterwards try the key lime pie, then wash everything down with a large glass of red. Welsh food at its very best.

2. A chocolate hazelnut praline brioche at Pettigrew Bakery.

Pettigrewbakes / Via Instagram

I spotted these buns on Instagram, and just had to have one – I can confirm they taste as good as they look. One bite into the buttery brioche and the hazelnut creme and I was in heaven. Confession: I took one away for my mum, but ended up eating it on the route home.

3. The Hulk Smash at Early Bird. / Via Instagram

Who doesn't want avocado on their breakfast? Without a doubt this is the best avo brekkie I've had in six months. On my last visit, I even spotted Welsh international rugby star Jonathan Davies there... Rumour has it he ordered the Hulk Smash as well, and added an extra egg.

4. An Oreo Madness freakshake at Coco Gelato.

coco gelato / Via Instagram

Choosing just one thing from Coco Gelato is hard work. There is so much worth trying if you have a sweet tooth. But their "Oreo Madness" holds a special place in my heart as the biggest and best freakshake I have seen. Not only does it have oreo ice cream, it also has little mini oreos sat on top of a mountain of fluffy cream, as well as pieces of cookie dough to discover. And we all know that anything with cookie dough means you're onto a winner.


5. Any pizza at Calabrisella.

calabrisellacardiff / Via Instagram

I can't be specific on this one, because every single pizza here is good. If you have room squeeze in a mushroom arancini too. And don't judge a book by its cover when you arrive: it may look a little rough round the edges but the food is delicious and staff incredibly friendly. No room at the inn? Get a takeaway and enjoy at home.

6. A Sunday Roast at The Lansdown. / Via Instagram

One for a Sunday, because who wants to have to wash up before Call the Midwife? The Cwn Ciddy Topside of Beef is my choice, which most importantly comes with real gravy just like your mum makes. Fill up on your five a day, with fresh greens and over-indulge with the mahoosive homemade Yorkshire pudding.

7. White Chocolate Oreo Fudge Cheesecake at Cobbles Kitchen & Deli.

cobbleskitchenanddeli / Via Instagram

Now this really is a personal favourite. I discovered this little beauty on New Year's Eve, and have dreamt about it ever since. I can't help but salivate over this beauty, but if you fancy something more savoury go for the homemade corned beef pie – it's just like your Nan used to make.

8. The John Wayne burger at The Grazing Shed.

City centre-based The Grazing Shed do super tidy burgers and I can vouch for that. The John Wayne has a juicy beef patty made of 100% Welsh Beef, with cheddar oozing over the top and a piece of smokey bacon that balances perfectly. And if that wasn't enough there are FOUR sauces, and the option to add avocado.


9. Spaghetti bolognese at Nine Yards. / Via Instagram

There really is nothing like a classic done well (and inexpensively). At five whole British pounds this dish is a bargain. The whole menu at Nine Yards is filled with Italian treats, but this freshly made meaty spag bol really hits the spot. Made in ten minutes, it's perfect for a lunch time treat as well.

10. A Portuguese tart at Nata &Co. / Via Instagram

Apparently this tart is the owner's mum's favourite recipe too. There is no lumpy custard here and the pastry has the perfect crunch when you bite into it. You really can nata resist this one (sorry, I couldn't resist either). This tart is good enough to win GBBO if you ask me!

11. Pancakes at 29 Park Place.

29 Park Place / Via Instagram

You'll find a lot to tempt you on the menu whatever time of day you visit 29 Park Place. But when visiting for brunch I couldn't resist the pancakes: soft and fluffy centres make these really scrummy. The sticky syrup and contrast of well done bacon makes this dish a breakfast of champions.

12. Mussels at Hashery. / Via Instagram

Not many places specialise in mussels, but oh my this place does and they are great. So fresh you'd think you were sat on a boat. I recommend you wash them down with one of The Hashery's signature cocktails, get a bit tipsy and pop a message on their confession wall – while giggling at the post-cocktail messages left before you.


13. Anything and everything at Bar 44. / Via Instagram

It's tricky to pin down just one thing to eat here. Each branch of Bar 44 has a different menu, which refreshes regularly. Helpfully though, there's a mix and match tapas menu that means you can pick a little bit of everything you fancy – and if you spot confit duck fritters, on the menu, be sure to order them.

14. St Louis spare ribs at Hang Fire Southern Kitchen.

HangfireBBQ / Via Instagram

Bring the wet wipes – this one is sure to get messy. If you have ever watched Man vs Food, you'll know what you are in for. The finger licking good St Louis spare ribs are sure to fill you up, while the meat is cooked to complete perfection. Not a burnt rib in sight, and meat sweats guaranteed.

15. Breakfast steak at Servinis. / Via Instagram

Make like the Americans and have steak for breakfast. Best come hungry though, as there's doubt this is the biggest dish on the breakfast menu. Mop up the sunshine yellow runny yolk of the egg with the succulent steak, and follow it with one of the specialty milkshakes (if you have room).

16. Hygge tea at Brod Bakery. / Via

Bang on trend, go all Danish and treat yourself to the Brod Bakery "Hygge" afternoon tea. The Danish pastries are incredible, especially the Spandauer. All you have to do is choose the jam or the custard filling.