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    Posted on Sep 14, 2016

    29 Things That Prove You Should Never, Ever Go To Hull

    It's never dull in Hull.

    1. Why would anyone ever visit Hull?

    Flickr: 124183423@N08 / Creative Commons

    2. The skyline is disgusting. / Creative Commons

    3. The buildings are nothing special. / Creative Commons

    4. All of them are run down and falling apart.

    Flickr: andi-cj / Creative Commons

    5. Hull hasn't changed in years. / Creative Commons

    6. The Humber Bridge?

    Philmacdphotography / Getty Images

    7. Nothing special.

    Flickr: andi-cj / Creative Commons

    8. The sports teams are terrible.

    Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

    9. The cobbled streets are uninviting.

    Flickr: leppre / Creative Commons

    10. Really, really uninviting.

    Flickr: andi-cj / Creative Commons

    11. The marina is ugly and full of crappy boats.

    Flickr: erik_jensen1 /Creative Commons

    12. There is nothing unique about Hull. / Creative Commons

    13. Everywhere in England has cream phone boxes.

    Adrian Beesley / Getty Images

    14. Hull is just another boring city.

    Flickr: 124183423@N08 / Creative Commons

    15. With no culture.

    Flickr: hullcitycouncil / Creative Commons

    16. Hull has absolutely nothing going on.

    Flickr: 18556265@N05 / Creative Commons

    17. One of Europe's largest festivals? Looks shit. / Creative Commons

    18. Hull is so grey and so dull.

    Flickr: 124183423@N08 / Creative Commons

    19. Mornings in Hull absolutely suck. / Creative Commons

    20. Sunsets in Hull are even worse. / Creative Commons

    21. Hull is so so ugly in the Summer.

    Flickr: 18556265@N05 / Creative Commons

    22. Because Hull is so run down. / Creative Commons

    23. Who cares about the River Humber?

    Steve Goacher / Getty Images

    24. It's not magically picturesque at all. / Creative Commons

    25. You'll absolutely starve in Hull.

    Flickr: woodwood /Creative Commons

    26. The food looks absolutely revolting.

    Flickr: spicygreenginger / Creative Commons

    27. Why would anyone bother going there?

    Adamwebster89 / Getty Images

    28. There is absolutely no character in Hull. / Creative Commons

    29. What a dump.

    Flickr: 27913684@N04 / Creative Commons

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