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    21 Reasons Pandas Are The Absolute Best

    It's time to give pandas the respect they deserve.

    1. Pandas are the purest, most magical creatures on this earth.

    2. They are basically just oversized toddlers who live in the forest.

    3. And they have made it their playground.

    4. They are actually the most precious animal.

    5. And they really love hanging out in trees.

    6. Even though they fall out of them all the time, because they don't realise how big they are.

    7. Like a toddler caught in the act.

    8. Baby Pandas are the best.

    9. They are undeniably cute.

    10. Waaaaayyy cuter than puppies!

    11. And they like to sit in things that are to small for them like cats.

    12. They are super curious and adventurous.

    13. They really love to snuggle.

    14. And all they want to do is play.

    15. They are so silly and adorable.

    16. And they love to sit and ponder life.

    17. Like how charmingly delightful they are.

    18. They could teach us a thing or two about how to share.

    19. Well, sometimes.

    20. Pandas are nature's toddlers.

    21. Stay adorable and curious!