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21 Painful Struggles Of Working In A Shoe Shop

it's sole-destroying.

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4. And customers love to tell you all their troubles like you're a foot doctor.

And also, I work in a shoe shop. I sell shoes. I don't want to know about your ingrown toenail and your fucking bunions 😷😷


So today at work a kid threw a shoe in his moms face and she chased him round the shop screaming

11. People seem to really lose it when it comes to shoe shopping.

so I work part-time in a shop and a man literally THREW A SHOE AT ME today because he had to pay 5p for a carrier bag


12. And they ask the most ridiculous questions.

When you work in a shoe shop and someone comes in to ask you if you sell shoes.

13. A shoe shop sale is wilder than every other kind of sale.

People ask me do I work out to stay slim etc: no no three words... shoe shop sales


19. But you still know that what the customer wants definitely isn't in there.

20. No matter what you first thought of them when they arrived in store.

Something about working in a shoe shop is the longer you spend around ugly shoes the more u like and want the ugly shoes