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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Oct 20, 2016

    21 Painful Struggles Of Working In A Shoe Shop

    it's sole-destroying.

    1. When someone tries to return shoes that have clearly been worn.

    2. And they are deadly serious when they ask for a refund.

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    3. Having to constantly deal with other people's feet.

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    4. And customers love to tell you all their troubles like you're a foot doctor.

    And also, I work in a shoe shop. I sell shoes. I don't want to know about your ingrown toenail and your fucking bunions 😷😷

    5. Sometimes they even ask you to help them put their shoes on.

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    6. When people hand back their used pop socks, rather than putting them in the bin.

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    7. Or having to juggle boxes when someone wants more than three pairs of shoes at a time.

    8. The panic when you have to measure children's feet.

    Why is every single child who needs shoes the actual devil?

    So today at work a kid threw a shoe in his moms face and she chased him round the shop screaming

    9. When someone puts the wrong pair of shoes back in the box.


    And you don't realise until the customer screams, "THIS IS NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR".

    10. Which is almost as bad as when you can't find the other foot.


    11. People seem to really lose it when it comes to shoe shopping.

    so I work part-time in a shop and a man literally THREW A SHOE AT ME today because he had to pay 5p for a carrier bag

    12. And they ask the most ridiculous questions.

    When you work in a shoe shop and someone comes in to ask you if you sell shoes.

    13. A shoe shop sale is wilder than every other kind of sale.

    People ask me do I work out to stay slim etc: no no three words... shoe shop sales

    14. When a customer has the exact same shoe on, in a ~slightly~ different colour, and they can't make up their mind between the two.

    NBC / Via

    15. And they ask you for your opinion, like you care enough to have an opinion.

    NBC / Via

    16. You lowkey lose it when people touch the displays.

    Comedy Central / Via

    17. And you are probably super fast at lacing shoes.

    18. The stockroom is definitely an absolute disaster.

    19. But you still know that what the customer wants definitely isn't in there.

    20. No matter what you first thought of them when they arrived in store.

    Something about working in a shoe shop is the longer you spend around ugly shoes the more u like and want the ugly shoes

    21. Trying to leave work without buying another pair of shoes is the realist struggle.

    Hulu / Via

    You own so many shoes, your house looks like an actual shoe shop.

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