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    19 Times Samira Wiley And Lauren Morelli Were Goals

    "I'll do anything with this one."

    1. When they were more beautiful than the New York skyline.

    2. And so much cuter to look at.

    3. When they were an adorable little sleepy family.

    4. Who have perfected the "I woke up like this" selfie.

    5. When they looked radiant on an inflatable unicorn.

    6. And when Lauren snapped Samira sleeping.

    7. When they captured their preciousness on video.

    8. When they showed us how to slay a red carpet.

    9. And have fun while doing it.

    10. When they showed us how cute cuddles can be.

    11. And when they looked like they were sharing the most perfect joke.

    12. When they went to Disneyland and Lauren wasn't happy that Samira ran off with Mickey.

    13. When they perfectly complimented each other's outfits.

    14. And each other's smug faces.

    15. When they couldn't help but share how in love they are.

    16. When they proved they can be cute from any angle.

    17. When they hit up a Wendy's dressed in black tie.

    18. When they showed us how exactly to take a bathroom selfie with bae.

    19. And when they gave us the best news of 2016, and announced that they were putting a ring on it.

    I'll do anything with this one...💍

    Actual relationship goals.