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21 Reasons You're Meant To Be With Your Best Friend Forever

"If your best friend doesn't hate your ex more than you do, are they really your best friend?"

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1. You feel lost without them when they are busy.

When all 2 of your friends are busy

2. You can always find ways to have fun with them.

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3. Like doing dumb things with them at 3am when you’re sober.

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4. And even dumber things at 3am when you aren’t sober.

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5. You find each other equally hilarious.

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Even if no one else does.

6. They take all the necessary steps to ensure you get the perfect selfie.

your friends arent real if they dont go to this level to get you the perfect picture

They aren't your real friends if they don't provide A* lighting.

7. And then they make sure they are the first to like it.

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8. They also NEVER miss a tweet.

that one follower that likes all your tweets

9. They do what it takes to stop you from doing something you'll regret.

when you have to stop your friend from texting a fuckboy

10. You've got those matching dance moves down.


11. And you don't care how ridiculous you look as long as you're dancing together.

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12. They are always there to look after you.

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13. And always remind you to look after yourself too.

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14. They are your biggest cheerleaders.

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15. And they constantly remind you of how awesome you are.

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16. They will always defend your weird behaviour.


17. You have perfected your matching "fuck off, don't talk to me" faces.

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18. They always go all out to make you feel special on your birthday.

19. You never have to explain yourself, ever.


20. All of your favourite moments are with them.

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21. No questions asked, they've always got your back.

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