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Are You The Fun Friend?

"Get in loser, we're going shopping!"

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    Lol, I am the party.
    Umm, what party?
    It doesn't REALLY get going till I arrive.
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    At the bar, having like an OK time.
    It's Saturday, I'm drunk duhhhh.
    Absolutely nothing.
  3. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    Mostly photos of me with a funny Snapchat filter.
    Mostly just selfies of me and my cat.
    Mostly selfies of me having a great time.
  4. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    Trash talk their ex.
    Cook them dinner.
    Get them drunk.
  5. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    Like stories from books?
    My stories are actually award winning!
    Like, they're not the worst.
  6. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    If they want brutally honest advice.
    If they just want me to tell them how great they are.
    If they want advice that is helpful, but nice.
  7. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    I'm never at any event lol.
    There aren't any events without me.
    They noticed I wasn't there, but probably had a good time without me.
  8. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    Yes, if they are bored and they want to come over and watch Netflix.
    Yes, if they want to do something adventurous.
    No, I don't like talking on the phone.
  9. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    Dance party, obviously!
    Perfect excuse to binge-watch Netflix.
  10. Thinkstock / BuzzFeed
    A good time.
    The best time.
    An alright time.
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Are You The Fun Friend?

You got: You're the fun friend!

You're definitely the life and soul of the party! You're fun to have around and you know how to have a good time. People are sure to laugh when they are around you. Honestly, where would your friends be without you?

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You got: You're the fun-ish friend!

You like to party, but you also like your down time. You're at most events even if you're not always be having the best time because you don't like to miss out. People will always want to hang out with you when you are free because you lift their mood.

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You got: You're not the fun friend!

You're not the first person people call if they want to have a good time. But you're definitely the friend everyone needs. You make good decisions and you're the reason that your friends are still alive. YOU ROCK!!

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