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8 Of The Best Cheep Organic Products For Struggling 20-Somethings

In college and struggling to eat healthy? On a weight-loss kick and on a budget? These cheep finds will help your body and your pocketbook.

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Eating healthy, organic foods isn't just for those who are able to throw an extra hundred bucks on groceries each trip to Whole Foods. With some of these great finds you can eat healthy even on the most limited budget.

Trader Joe's Grape Tomatoes

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At $.99 a pint of grape tomatoes is an absolute steal! With a pint of these tomatoes you get about 5 servings of hearty, organic tomatoes that pack a powerful punch of antioxidants, vitamin C, lots of fiber, and, best of all, only at 20 calories per serving (of 5 or 6 of these scrumptious veggies). You can even pair these cheep delights off with a salad or just with some Mozzarella if you're in need of an on-the-go tasty snack

Aldi's Chiquita Pineapple


Aldi's currently is advertising their whole Pineapples at $1.49 each which is a bargain in comparison to most large-chain grocery stores. Pineapples are a vitamin C superfood and with just one serving you get 130% of your daily value of vitamin C which can boost your immune system tremendously! On top of immune health pineapples also help with digestion, cancer prevention, eye health, blood pressure, and even skin health as it helps stimulate collagen production. As many health perks as this fruit has don't go overbuying it because over-consumption can lead to headaches and nausea.

Organic Carrots

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Trader Joe's .79 cent bag of carrots certainly beats most competition stores in terms of all organic product for a reasonable rate. If you like baby carrots for a to-go snack you can find them cheaper at your local Aldi's for .69 cents for a 16 oz bag. Carrots have incredible immune system benefits that overall boost your natural health and energy tremendously! Along with that carrots also have great cancer-preventing qualities, digestive boosts, blood sugar regulation, and, just like your mom always told you, carrots can greatly impact your eyesight.

TJ's Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes aren't just for those Thanksgiving casseroles anymore. Sweet potatoes contain incredible anti-inflammatory properties for when you go just a little too hard at the gym... if you go to the gym and can drastically help in the process of healing broken skin and bones. Also high in beta-carotene and antioxidants this wonderful vegetable helps almost every part of your body while tasting like a wonderful dessert! And with 3-6 sweet potatoes (2 pounds) for only $1.79 you're getting away with a deal here.

Avocados from Aldi's

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With everyone making things from guacamole to face masks it's hard to find good, relatively cheep avocados anywhere. Aldi's currently has a deal on these deliciously trending fruit (yes, I said said fruit) at an amazing .69 cents each. Avocados are full of healthy fats and 20 different vitamins and minerals. The healthy fat from these fruits can help you better digest and absorb the nutrients you are consuming from other health foods as well.

Almond Milk (or Almond Beverage if you read the package) from Trader Joe's

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As someone that is lactose intolerant Trader Joe's always comes in clutch with that cheep almond milk that doesn't have the artificial sweetness most almond milks have. At around $1.79 a container it's really great to keep around for those recipes that you need a solid milk-tasting substitute for. It has all the same health benefits as milk just in a universally more digestible format that will give you that punch of calcium that you need for those strong bones and healthy teeth and at this price it's even cheaper than making your own.

Quinoa from Big Lots?

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I'm sure you're as surprised as I am to find out Big Lots sells quinoa let alone sells it at one of the cheapest prices around. Ranging from $2-$3 for a box this is a steal compared to most health stores that are selling it for around $12. This is an incredible deal for someone on a budget that's looking for a vegetarian protein option that is rich in iron and fiber.

Bed Bath and Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is the new health and beauty craze but with steep prices it's hard to get a handle on it for you self-care needs. No fear though Bed, Bath, and Beyond currently has jars of coconut oil on sale for $3.99. Although this may seem ridiculous for some oil (to quote Baby Momma- "Can't I just spray some Pam down there instead?") but coconut oil contains many disease fighting properties, boosts to your immune system, improves memory, energy, and endurance, and can give your hair and skin a brilliant shine you've been looking for.

NOTE- not all of these prices may be equal across the board these are the prices I have found to be true in my local shopping establishments.

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