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    I'm Starting Fifth Grade Tomorrow So I Decided To Rank My Top Ten Favorite School Subjects

    I find it kind of funny that at my school the fifth grade classrooms are in the basement.

    10. Spanish

    It seems like my class is constantly changing units in Spanish. And it's double confusing because we have to pick a second language to learn on Middlebury so now I'm learning French and Spanish all at once.

    9. Science

    I don't know why, I just don't like Science. Maybe it's because we spend more time watching 20 year old Bill Nye videos then actually doing experiments. The only good thing about science was getting to babysit chicks last year.

    8. Language Studies

    I'd much rather write an exciting fantasy or a nail biting mystery than sit there trying not to fall asleep while the teacher explains how to correctly use a comma.

    7. Gym

    Honestly it depends on what we're doing. If we're playing Star Wars or Pool Noodle Tag then I'm definitely in. But if we're supposed to do the Pacer then I spend most of my time trying to figure out how to fake an injury.

    6. Social Studies

    We only learn Social Studies half of the year, the other half we do Science, and when we actually do Social Studies it's always something that everybody knows. Like Amelia Earhart, or the Civil War.

    5. Music

    My school has a pretty good Music program. The teacher is nice, but she can be pretty strict if she wants to be. In third grade we start learning recorder, which is pretty fun. Sometimes the teacher splits us up into groups and we have to make a little dance to a song that she teaches us.

    3. Library

    Library is always fun because instead of just checking out books we get to do fun activities like Ozo Bots or All About Me slide shows. The assistant librarian isn't very nice though.

    2. Reading

    I love to read!! And I'm really good at it to, last time I did a reading test the results said I'm reading on a ninth grade level. And in case you're wondering I'm going into fifth grade.

    1. Writing

    Writing is just so much fun!! My favorite genre to write is fantasy, or realistic fiction, or mystery. Actually, I love them all! I always get really good feedback from my teachers to.