10 Things We All Loved About The 90s

It was a great time to be young in the 1890s!

1. 1. Everybody who was anybody read Heart of Darkness.

2. 2.The Panhard et Levassor was the vehicle of choice.

3. 3. All the cool kids listened to ragtime.

4. 4. It was all about that full length a-line skirt.

5. 5. You couldn’t wait for the next Sherlock Holmes story in Strand Magazine.

6. 6. You wanted to go see the first modern Olympic Games in Athens.

7. 7. Nikolai Tesla started playing around with wireless electricity.

8. 8. No one really liked the Spanish American War all that much.

9. 9. Oscar Wilde began his tempestuous affair with Lord Alfred Douglas

10. 10. Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

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