What K-Pop Stars Looked Like Before Their Debut Vs. Now

    Puberty hit them like a goddamn truck!

    K-Pop stars are tremendously famous for their music, perfect choreography and out of the universe beauty. But did those perfect chiselled cheekbones exist all along? Take a look at the pre-debut pictures of some of our favourites.

    1. Jin from BTS before:

    Jin from BTS now:

    Jin from BTS pointing at the camera

    2. RM from BTS before:

    RM from BTS now:

    RM looking away and smiling

    3. Suga from BTS before:


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    Suga from BTS now:

    Suga smiling at the camera

    4. Jungkook from BTS before:


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    Jungkook from BTS now:

    5. J Hope from BTS before:

    J Hope from BTS now:

    6. Jimin from BTS before:


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    Jimin from BTS now:

    Jimin at a press conference

    V from BTS now:

    V looking at the camera and going the 'V' pose

    8. Jisoo from Blackpink before:

    Jisoo from Blackpink now:

    Jisoo at Paris Fashion Week

    9. Jennie from Blackpink before:

    Jennie from Blackpink now:

    Jennie in a white dress smiling

    10. Rose from Blackpink before:

    Rose from Blackpink now:

    Rose looking up

    11. Lisa from Blackpink before:

    Lisa from Blackpink now:

    Lisa looking up

    12. Tzuyu from Twice before:

    Tzuyu from Twice now:

    Tzuyu looking up

    13. Jihyo from Twice before:

    Jihyo from Twice now:

    Jihyo holding her hands up like a flower

    14. Chaeyoung from Twice before:

    Chaeyoung from Twice now:

    Chaeyoung holds up her hands like a flower

    15. Jeongyeon from Twice before:

    Jeongyeon from Twice now:

    Jeongyeon sitting on stage and looking at the crowd

    16. Mina from Twice before:

    Mina from Twice now:

    Mina looking at the crowd

    17. Sana from Twice before:

    Sana from Twice now:

    Sana sitting on stage

    18. Dahyun from Twice before:

    Dahyun from Twice now:

    Dahyun from Twice looking at the camera

    19. Nayeon from Twice before:

    Nayeon from Twice now:

    Nayeon looks up

    Jackson Wang now:

    21. Jinyoung from GOT7 before:

    Jinyoung from GOT7 now:

    JInyoung looking away

    22. Youngjae from GOT7 before:

    Youngjae from GOT7 now:

    23. Yugyeom from GOT7 before:

    24. Yugyeom from GOT7 now:

    Yugyeom looking up

    25. BamBam from GOT7 before:

    BamBam from GOT7 now:

    BamBam looking at the camera

    26. Jay B from GOT7 before:

    27. Jay B from GOT7 now:

    Jay B Talking to the crowd

    28. Mark Tuan from GOT7 before:

    Mark Tuan from GOT7 now:

    Mark looking at the camera with a blurred out crowd in the background

    29. Hwasa from Mamamoo before:

    Hwasa from Mamamoo now:

    Hwasa performing on stage

    30. Solar from Mamamoo before:

    Solar from Mamamoo now:

    Solar looking away from camera

    31. Wheein from Mamamoo before:

    Wheein from Mamamoo now:

    Wheein at a photo call event

    32. Moonbyul from Mamamoo

    Moonbyul from Mamamoo now:

    Moonbyul smiling

    33. IU before:

    IU at her audition for JYP Entertainment

    IU now:

    IU speaking at an event

    34. Kai from EXO before:

    Kai from EXO now:

    Kai speaking at an event

    35. Baekhyun from EXO before:

    Baekhyun from EXO now:

    Baekhyun at an event

    36. D. O from EXO before:

    D. O from EXO now:

    D.O. of EXO attends 26th High1 Seoul Music Awards

    37. Chanyeol from EXO before:

    Chanyeol from EXO now:

    Chanyeol of EXO attends the world premiere of Netflix film '6 Underground'

    38. Suho from EXO before:

    Suho from EXO now:

    Suho of EXO attends an event