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    22 Things People Say That Get Increasingly Annoying With Age

    Why does reading this make my knees hurt?

    This Reddit thread by u/hxnry__0710 posed the question, "As you get older, what's something that becomes increasingly annoying?" and it's back-achingly good.

    Sit back and feel attacked as you scroll through these relatable and hilarious comments. 

    1. "Being tired all the time."

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    2. "Clutter! Stuff! It didn't bother me that much when I was younger, but it's definitely something that's gotten increasingly on my nerves as I passed into my 30s."

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    3. "Loud, dark restaurants — can’t hear the server or my friends and can’t read the menu without my phone flashlight."


    4. "My inability to fall asleep." —u/nuclearwintergames

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    "It never ends till you're so exhausted you need to sleep an entire day." IWantAStorm 

    5. "Working nonstop. When do adults get a summer break? It’s been 16 years."


    6. "Honestly, just drama. As a kid, I didn't notice it. As a teen, it was all around me, and I was half involved. As an adult, I'm so sick and tired of hearing stupid drama."

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    7. "People being excessively loud in public. Stop screaming!"

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    8. "The excessively bright LED headlights are killing me."

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    9. "Small print. Seriously, food manufacturers, you don't need to write the cooking instructions in 7-point Arial Narrow."


    10. "Cleaning. I have no clue why I can't get my act together and keep shit clean. I am tired of stepping on crumbs and picking up clothes, not to mention random toys everywhere..."

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    11. "The length of time it takes to recover from an injury. Sprained ankle? Three years." —u/carmah_143

    " know, ever. That may just be the way it is now. It certainly is for my back." —u/TheSherbs

    12. "When the subtitles don’t match the audio in a show."


    13. "Is 'everything' an acceptable answer? Because everything."

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    14. "My wife's in-laws..."


    15. "Having to scroll down more and more to find my birth year on an online form."


    16. "Hangovers." —u/knovit

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    "Hangovers after 30 are insane. Today I woke up with a piercing headache, and then three hours later my stomach/nausea started up. Four hours after that, I was so light-headed and realized that hangovers are now a series of aches and pains that last one to two days minimum." —sadgirlhappenings

    17. "Pooping so long your legs go to sleep, but you aren’t done pooping yet."

    18. "Birthdays."


    19. "Social events that don't start till late night."

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    20. "Slang." —u/i_like_it_raw

    "My daughter texts ye instead of yes, and it drives me bananas." —u/camp-cariboo

    21. "Slamming doors."

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    22. "Having to figure out what we’re having for dinner. Every. Single. Night."


    What are some things you used to love, but drive you nuts as you get older? Let us know below!