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    23 Things Most People Don't Worry About, But Actually Should

    From driving while drowsy to oversharing on the internet, it might be thinking about some of these things.

    Reddit user u/_Losy is getting folks on the internet answering the question, "What is something people don’t worry about but really should?"

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    1. Getting into credit card debt.

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    "Just because you have credit, doesn't mean you should use all of the credit." —u/Nishiwara

    2. Oversharing on the internet.

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    "This happened to one of my friends. He posted on Facebook about being on vacation. Someone that knew where he lived saw it. Broke in, took the stuff, and abandoned his truck in another city an hour away."  —u/DiscussionLoose8390 

    "Posting personal information in social media. You might think posting your name, address, birthday, school, car, your children's names, job among others on a single site on the internet is totally safe. It is not. Really good identity fraud can easily use your identity. A skilled burglar can easily monitor your schedules to time their theft perfectly. So don't give out too much information in your social media." —u/Curious-Force5819

    3. Spending too much time on phones.

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    "Wasting valuable time staring at their phones, instead of doing something productive." —u/macaronsforeveryone 

    4. Participating in local politics.


    "Local politics. Your vote really matters, and your presence at meetings would really matter." —u/RegulatoryCapturedMe

    5. Getting behind the wheel.

    "To quote my brother: Driving is the world's biggest group project, and you can always count on that one idiot who doesn't do their work." —u/Mr-Pringlz-and-Carl 

    6. Climate change.


    "I’m in Colorado, and it hasn’t snowed. We usually have snow that sticks earlier than Halloween. It’s now Dec. 5 and nothing. It’s scary. It sleets every so often, but it’s been hot as it is in late August." —u/DoloresHaze7

    "How shortsighted our species is." —u/mcnuggets_arnold

    7. Planning for retirement.

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    "Retirement. It will be here before you know it." —u/Realitycheck-4u

    8. The sun.

    "People don’t take sun exposure seriously. I know people that will buy 100 unnecessary skincare products and rarely ever put on some sunscreen. Like the stats are there, sun exposure will pretty much age your skin the most!" —u/ancheli 

    9. Your dental health.

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    "Teeth health. It can go real bad real quickly, causing things you wouldn't even think of while having a toothache." —u/the R0TH

    10. The quality of your local topsoil.

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    "Topsoil. We need it to grow food. No one knows how to make it. And we are slowly washing it all into the ocean with our farming practices." —u/Dirtbag204

    11. Microplastics in the ocean.

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    "Microplastics, we just keep wrapping everything in plastics that are going to outlive us all, it feels like this crap is going to choke us all to death in some form."  —u/netsirkf 

    12. Paying attention to the local news.

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    "People should care about what's going on in their own town, as opposed to whatever they're flipping out about that they saw on CNN." —u/Kastrenzo

    13. Sibling rivalry.

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    "Sibling rivalry, or rather, seriously abusive behavior mislabeled as sibling rivalry." u/paraworldblue

    14. Driving while being tired.

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    "It can impair you as much a being drunk." —u/why_not_bud

    15. Hearing issues.

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    "Taking care of your hearing. It freaks me out seeing that many people listening to so loud music through AirPods. I stopped using earphones years ago." —u/WhiteQueen612

    16. Children using smartphones too early.

    "Parents giving their children their own smartphones, tablets, etc.

    Your child is 4, Susan. Put the damn phone away." —u/mossybishhh

    17. Artificial Intelligence.


    "When it shows up and starts thinking it'll be too late to restrict or legislate." —u/GrevilleApo

    18. Alcoholism.

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    "Definitely. The alcohol bug bit me when I was 24." —u/gettingtobefree  

    19. STDs.


    "I can’t tell you how many people are uninformed or don’t care to know that some STDs can pass with condoms and that cold sores are herpes that you can pass to your partners' genitals to name a few examples." —u/xuwugirluwux

    20. Watching out for vitamin deficiencies.

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    "Vitamin D and iron deficiency." —u/TakahashiCherry

    21. Ignoring people to their detriment.

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    "People who get ignored all the time. They will lash out one way or another." —u/FunLexander 

    22. Hypertension.

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    "The silent killer." —u/kluverbucy77

    23. Your friend circle.


    "The kind of friends you make. Some people are really toxic and manipulative, and by the time you realize it, you've already adapted and want to stay friends forever." —u/ElectricalUse8700