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    Last Words Of Every "Schitt's Creek" Character... In The Series, Obviously

    Last words of every main and recurring Schitt's Creek character.

    Schitt's Creek came into our lives in 2015, and left us wanting for more in 2020. Some of us, (me, it's me) are still not over it. Anyway, here are the last words uttered by most of the characters in the show.

    Alexis, Patrick, David, Stevie and a man standing on the steps of a bunglow

    1. David Rose

    2. Alexis Rose

    3. Johnny Rose

    4. Moira Rose

    5. Stevie Budd

    6. Patrick Brewer

    7. Jocelyn Schitt

    8. Twyla Sands

    9. Roland Schitt

    10. Veronica Lee

    11. Bob Currie

    12. Ray Butani

    13. Ted Mullens

    14. Mutt Schitt

    15. Wendy Kurtz

    16. Jake

    Who is your favorite character from Schitt's Creek? Let me know below in the comments!