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    22 Tweets About Sagittarians For The Start Of Sagittarius Season

    Optimistic. Outspoken. Extroverts.

    We are the ninth astrological sign. We are optimistic, driven, and passionate. Since Sagittarius season has just begun, here are some tweets that perfectly capture the fire energy of Sagittarians.

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    1. Everyone loves us.

    "Are you in love with ME or in love with what my energy does for you?" - Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Virgo

    twitter/@astrologyvibez / Via Twitter: @astrologyvibez

    2. We don't care what people think about us.

    People will gossip about the #Sagittarius but will they care? No.

    twitter/@SagittariusTerm / Via Twitter: @SagittariusTerm

    3. We come off as intimidating, but once you get to know us, we are amazing people.

    sagittarius. i know you were intimidated by them.

    twitter/@astrologybot_ / Via Twitter: @astrologybot_

    4. We jump to making decisions.

    twitter/@astrologybot_ / Via Twitter: @astrologybot_

    5. We are outspoken.

    twitter/@supermoongirl9 / Via Twitter: @supermoongirl9

    6. We are determined.

    twitter/@SagittariusTerm / Via Twitter: @SagittariusTerm

    7. I most certainly am "80 different people."

    It’s crazy how mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces) can adopt other people’s identities overtime and not even realize it. One day we wake up feeling lost af like “Who am I again? Oh yeah, I’m like 80 different people” lol. 💀

    twitter/@TarotByBronx / Via Twitter: @TarotByBronx

    8. I am "in love" every day!

    Studies show a person will fall in love an average of 2-3 times in their lifetime. except for geminis, sagittarius and pisces. these people will fall in love like 42 times in total. 💀

    twitter/@saturnianqueen / Via Twitter: @saturnianqueen

    9. Sagittarians are made for fame.

    The sexual tension between Sagittarius and becoming a white, blonde international pop sensation

    Peter Kramer / Staff , Steve Jennings / WireImage , twitter/@sagistarbb / Via tTwitter: @sagistarbb


    @sagistarbb Also… sagittarius actors🤣

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images , Dave Hogan / Getty Images, Victor Chavez / Getty Images , twitter/@laktovejeteryan / Via Twitter: @laktovejeteryan

    11. This too...

    Somewhere there's a 🤡 in silent competition with a Sagittarius that ain't paying them no mind. 😭

    twitter/@JupitersVeryOwn / Via Twitter: @JupitersVeryOwn

    12. Fire signs vibe well with other fire signs.

    The connection between a #Sagittarius & another is on another level that words cannot describe.

    twitter/@SagittariusTerm / Via Twitter: @SagittariusTerm

    13. We are definitely always excited.

    I’m a Sagittarius so I can’t do anything for you but I’m really excited about it

    twitter/@oldschoolastro / Via Twitter: @oldschoolastro

    14. I have a long list of places I wanna travel to.

    #Sagittarius love to learn new cultures & always know where they want to travel at.

    twitter/@SagittariusTerm / Via Twitter: @SagittariusTerm

    15. LOL, this:

    the sagittarius urge to simply vanish

    twitter/@willitolol / Via Twitter: @willitolol

    16. I really wanna scream:

    The Sagittarius urge to scream, break things and laugh out loud.

    twitter/@JupitersKanya / Via Twitter: @JupitersKanya

    17. Don't all of our lives?

    My whole life revolves around being a SAGITTARIUS 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    twitter/@AsianDaBrattt / Via Twitter: @AsianDaBrattt

    18. I thought it was just me:

    love messages from aries, leo, sagittarius :: - do you even think about me sometimes? - i feel the same way - i am so insecure - you are not replaceable

    twitter/@divinely111 / Via Twitter: @divinely111

    19. We are perfectionists. (Remember, sweet kids, it's okay to let go of things.)

    it's not the end of the world, sagittarius. it’s best to accept it.

    twitter/@astrologybot_ / Via Twitter: @astrologybot_

    20. DUH!!!

    Sagittarius are the best people in the world , don’t @ me !

    twitter/@lifeofnook / Via Twitter: @lifeofnook

    21. If you know a Sagittarius, you are blessed.

    when you need a little heaven here on Earth God sends you a Sagittarius 🖤

    twitter/@keepgrindnjak_ / Via Twitter: @keepgrindnjak_

    22. And finally, this:

    Boring people can't stand Sagittarius', pfft. 🙄

    twitter/@JupitersVeryOwn / Via Twitter: @JupitersVeryOwn