These Are The 14 Budgeting Hacks I Have Learned As A Recent Adult, And I Swear By Them

    Adulting is budgeting!

    As a young adult and student, spending money wisely is a new skill I had to cultivate. When I moved out of my parent's place, the reality of how easily money can slip out of my hand hit me. Since then, I have been experimenting and figuring out ways to stick to my budget and not end up living paycheck to paycheck. Here are the eight budgeting hacks I have learned by experimenting, and I swear by them.

    1. Meal planning and prepping.

    A man shopping

    2. Write down your expenses.

    A woman writing

    3. Give yourself two days before you buy anything new, especially online.

    a woman typing

    4. Overestimate your expenses.

    A woman doing taxes

    5. Save wherever you can.

    A grocery bag

    6. Use public transport.

    Traveler at a metro station

    7. Wait for sales season.

    A woman shopping online

    8. Shop in bulk.

    Happy mother and daughter shopping at a store and buying stationery

    9. Thrifting clothes, furniture and books.

    A student buying clothes at a thrift store

    10. Have a daily budget.

    A timepiece and a jar with money

    11. Split subscriptions.

    A picture of a laptop of opened up to Netflix

    12. Regenerate your produces like lettuce and basil.

    13. Use a vision board.

    Picture of a vision board

    14. Try a no-spend day, week, or month, to avoid tempting purchases.

    An empty wallet