These 7 Anti-Fat Moments From TV Shows Released This Year Show How Far We Have To Go

    Lack of representation is one thing, creating fat characters just to make fun of fat people is a whole other level of problematic.

    Warning: discussion of anti-fat television moments ahead. 

    It's not news that Hollywood perpetuates harmful body ideals and beauty standards. Given the number of times the entertainment industry has been called out for its blatant anti-fat bias, one might assume that things will eventually get better. Well, those changes seem to be a distant, distant dream — at least that's what I felt after watching the following moments on TV this very year.

    1. When Never Have I Ever made Eric — the only fat character on the show — the punchline of poorly-timed jokes.

    Eric asking if the bake sale is over because you can get things that didn't sell for free.

    2. When Hopper was tortured in prison for the better part of a year...but all other Stranger Things characters saw was how much weight he lost because of it.

    3. When Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That... suggested a person's weight is a source of embarrassment.

    Carrie meeting Seema's parents at a Diwali celebration

    4. When Bridgerton makes it a point to remind us that Penelope Featherington is undesirable in almost every episode.

    Penelope and Eloise at the market place

    5. When The Sandman makers decided to make Despair the only fat deity on the show.

    the deity Despair on The Sandman

    6. When Love Is Blind highlighted Shake's ridiculous expectations and multiple contestant's previous weight losses.

    Deepti smiling

    7. When Uncoupled didn't get the memo that fat jokes aren't cool anymore.

    Tisha Campbell and Neil Patrick Harris in Uncoupled

    Have you seen other examples on a TV show recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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