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    14 Times Detective Rosa Diaz From "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Was A Bisexual Badass

    Truly an icon.

    Warning: Minor spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the entire series.

    1. Taking control of her truth

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    Rosa first comes out to Detective Charles Boyle, unintentionally. She knew that Charles couldn’t keep the secret to himself. Rosa, being the badass bisexual she is, takes control of her story and the narrative and decides to come out to the squad.

    2. Rosa's relationship with Captain Holt

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    It's no secret that having a queer role model to look up to makes it countless times easier for young queer folks to accept themselves and come out. While Amy or Jake might have been Holt's personal project, the relationship between Rosa and Holt was *chef's kiss*. Whether it was advice for breaking up with Marcus or helping her get over the breakup with Jocelyn, Holt was definitely Rosa's Fairy Gay-mother.

    3. OUTFITS!!!

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    Rosa's neutral outfits ooze bi-ness. Rosa's wardrobe — the dark biker jacket, neutral shade sweatshirts, button-down shirts, black denim, and black boots — are all absolute essentials of the bisexual closet. Honestly, she always looked effortlessly chic and so cool. 

    4. Solitary = self-acceptance

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    Rosa came out as bisexual in the fifth season of the series. Before that season, Rosa was wrongfully accused of a crime and sent to jail. When Terry and Holt visit Rosa, she says that she broke out some riots and spent time in solitary. Like most other bisexuals who came out right after the lockdown periods of the pandemic, being in solitary and having to spend time with herself made her realize her identity and helped her come out.

    5. "It's just a phase"

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    Like most of us, Rosa has also heard "This is just a phase," and, "You can still be with a man" from her parents. Rosa knew that her parents not being supportive of her was a "them" problem and not a "her" problem. She gave them time, and they finally came around. She did not let herself internalize the lack of acceptance from her parents. Like I said, BADASS!!!

    6. She can't sit on chairs

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    During the briefing room scenes, we can clearly see that Rosa uses the chair in the "bisexual way." Like all of us, Rosa is also not destined to sit on chairs the way they were "meant to be."

    7. Setting boundaries

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    Rosa knows how to set boundaries and maintain them. She doesn't let anyone push her around; she knows what she wants and will do anything to get what she wants. She knows that she doesn’t owe anybody any explanation.

    8. Her decision to leave the NYPD

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    There is no doubt that Rosa was one of the best detectives in the 99th precinct. Even though, in the last season, we see her leaving the NYPD in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. She decides to work as a private investigator to help victims of police brutality. As a queer person of color, her identity is tangled with her political ideologies. She cannot exist without being political. She does not have that privilege. With this decision, Rosa once again proved to be a bi-con.    

    9. Post coming out glow-up

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    Like all of us, Rosa has had a major glow-up post-coming out. Yes, I am talking about the hair highlights and nail paint.

    10. You don't have to be with anyone to be valid

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    The series ends with an ending to the romantic plotlines for everyone except for Rosa, who is extremely happy with being simply by herself. As people who are attracted to more than one gender, bisexual folks have to navigate through a ton of biphobia, especially in our dating lives. In a world where many heterosexual and homosexual people refuse to be in a relationship with a bi person because of the misinformed notion that we will never be "satisfied" with one person, Rosa taught us to be badass singles. She proved that we don't need anyone to complete us. We are whole.

    11. The queen of self-acceptance

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    Rosa is not afraid to own her mistakes. In the sixth season, it is revealed that Rosa got kicked out of ballet school, acted out, and was sent to the juvie. Rosa doesn't blame anyone for her behavior. She is aware of her mistakes and actively works to correct them.

    12. Her chosen family is her everything

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    The 99th precinct and its weird inhabitants are Rosa's chosen family. In Peralta's language, a family of two Black dads, two Latina daughters, two white sons, a giant baby, and Hitchcock. While Rosa might seem to be no-nonsense and tough, she will do anything for her precinct family, even be Amy’s birthing partner.

    13. She loves animals

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    While Rosa might not be the best with humans, throughout the series it has been shown that she loves animals. Be it Arlo the dog or Charles' guinea pigs, Rosa loves animals.

    14. Lastly, she has the bisexual flag on her table

    A picture of Rosa Diaz's table
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    Rosa has a bisexual pride flag she kept on her work desk, which showed her commitment to being herself and never hiding who she was!!!