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    From "Soft Girl Summer" To "Goth Girl," These Are 18 Trends People Are Passionate About

    Apparently, not all trends are harmful.

    Beauty trends have existed for centuries for now. I have lived my whole life assuming that all beauty trends are inherently harmful. That was until a couple of days back, while mindlessly scrolling through r/AskWomen on Reddit, I came across a thread posted by u/Nettoo6. This Reddit user has got women (mostly) sharing the beauty trends they are personally passionate about, and this thread for sure has changed my perceptions about beauty trends.

    Here's some of the highlights:

    1. Full eyebrows

    Close-up of a woman's eyes showing thick, bushy eyebrows

    2. The no bra movement

    A woman taking off a bra

    3. "Soft Girl Summer"

    A woman in pastels

    4. Baggy clothes

    Billie Eilish in a baggy t shirt and biker shorts

    5. Korean skincare

    Cream in rose pink containers

    6. Using wigs

    An assortment wings in different colors and shapes

    7. High-waisted pants

    A woman in high-waisted pants

    8. Keeping body hair

    Portrait showing the armpit hair of a woman

    9. Semi-matte foundation

    A woman putting on foundation

    10. Wearing bold colors

    A woman wearing bold colors

    11. Flat shoes

    Closeup of a woman wearing ballet flats

    12. Goth getting popular

    A woman with punk goth aesthetic

    13. Winged eyeliner

    Closeup of a man wearing makeup with winged eyeliner

    14. Vegan products

    Cruelty free cosmetics on a plain background

    15. Soft, glowy makeup look

    An woman in soft, glowy makeup

    16. Degendered fashion

    Harry Styles in a dress

    17. Under-eye bags

    Closeup of a woman's eyes with under eye bags

    18. And finally, dresses with pockets

    A white dress with pockets