People Are Sharing The 15 Signs That Might Mean A Couple Is Faking Their "Happy" Relationship

    Half of the world is against couples posting about each other on social media platforms.

    Last week, u/crestedgeckolover67 had an important question to ask the Reddit population, "What are signs a couple is faking a happy relationship?" Here are the most useful answers.

    1. When couples lose their individuality.

    A couple in matching outfits

    2. Being extremely judgemental.

    3. When a couple can't stop bragging about their life.

    4. Overcompensating on social media.

    Couple taking a selfie

    5. Being jealous of one's partner's friends.

    6. When a couple is disconnected at social gatherings.

    Stock image of an unhappy couple

    7. Always acting happy and perky no matter what.

    8. Relationships that started on a rocky foundation.

    Young Asian couple fightinh

    9. Being too blame-y and acting like there are mysterious forces at play in the relationship.

    10. Sounding like "an old married couple."

    Old couple ignoring each other in the bedroom

    11. Being passive aggressive towards each other.

    12. Corny photo shoots.

    a couple posing for the camera

    13. When someone in the couple is guilty of romanticizing red flags.

    14. When a couple has a joint Facebook account.

    A vector design showing familial relationships

    15. And finally, when they end up asking relationships on Reddit.

    A young couple fighting