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Negev Taxi Confessionals

When I asked the people of the Negev if they had any interesting taxi stories here is what I got:

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You can drive


"The driver asked me to drive and went to sleep in the passenger seat." -Oleh from Ashkelon

English Lessons


"I needed a taxi when my car had broken down and when I got in the car the driver heard my accent and started asking about what I do and by the end of the trip we had scheduled time for his son to take English lessons with me. That was three years ago and his son comes to me still every week!" -Oleh from Be'er Sheva

The Accent Tax


"I am fluent in Hebrew. I speak with an accent. The second I opened my mouth he tried to add 10 extra shekles onto the price. Needless to say I found another taxi" -Oleh from Be'er Sheva (But this happens all over Israel!)

My Taxi Driver's Cousin


"There was that time when my taxi driver tried to set me up with their cousin! It didn't work" -Oleh from Ashkelon

We got home safely


"I ordered a cab back home from the Bialik with a few friends. I told him where we live (we're neighbors so it's the same address) and he starts driving. At one point I was like where are you going? You're supposed to turn right. So he says that this way is faster and he knows how to get there...I said that I go that way all time by bike. So he starts by saying "oh, by bike, not by car. You don't have traffic lights when you're biking, it's a like a motorcycle. He just kept on running his mouth... to trust him and he's in Be'er Sheva much longer than me (and a cab driver so he's obviously very knowledgeable about the city). I just stopped talking because he was being absolutely ridiculous (there are still lights when you're biking, duh) and he just drove like a maniac to prove that his way was faster. When really, he just didn't want traffic lights. And then we got home safely."- Oleh from Be'er Sheva

I will just stop the meter


One day when I was studying I got a horrible case of food poisoning. I needed to get home as soon as possible but was at least a 40 minute bus ride/20 minute cab ride away from my apartment. And of course I only had 25 Shekles on me. I was stuck so I ordered a cab and thought he would just bring me as close to my house as I could get and I will figure out the rest. When I got into the cab I explained to the driver that I was sick and only had 25 Shekles so he just needed to drive fast and get me as close as possible. This man (dramatically speaking) saved me! He said he will just stop the meter at 25 Shekles and take me all the way home. When I got to my apartment I was having issues walking because I was feeling faint so he actually got out of the car and walked me to the elevator in my apartment. When I got home I did end up fainting. All I kept thinking was what would have happened if I fainted on the bus or on the street trying to get home. I felt like even though I didn't know this man, and wouldn't even recognize him today, he really touched my life and showed me that everyone is not "in it for the money", that sometimes people really do care. - Me, Amanda, Olah living in Be'er Sheva

He only charged me for one way


"One day my husband needed our car to go for a day of reserve duty so I decided to keep my 3 year old home from Gan (preschool). It would have been an hour by bus including two buses to get to her much easier to keep her home. She was sleeping late and her teachers called in a panic that it was picture day and she had to be there (the pictures were for our end of year gift and a surprise). So we quickly got dressed and ran down to the main road closest to us and got in a taxi. He drove us to Gan..let me take her inside (which was not an easy drop off since she expected a day with mommy), waited for about 20 minutes and took me home. He only charged me the one fare. He was so nice!" -Oleh from Ashkelon

The Taxi Driver Who Knew My Mother-In-Law


"I had been here about 7 months. I took a taxi home from the Dr (I was very pregnant at the time) so the driver insisted I sit up front and be comfortable. He asked all the typical questions..why are you here? Why did you move? Are you Jewish? I gave him the address and at that point it was the name of the neighborhood, not the street. When we got into the neighborhood I told him which street, and he looked rather puzzled. When I told him which house he said to me which Yehye did you marry? My turn to be puzzled and he answered I grew up here..right across the street. He then preceded to turn off the car and tell me stories about my mother in law (who I had never met). We must have spoke for about 20 minutes or so. He had such nice stories to tell me. It was very special for me b/c I now had an "outsiders" view of my mother in law and I had a nice story I could share with my husband and family about how they probably didn't know how their mother touched this man's life."- Oleh from Ashkelon

What are your most memorable Taxi moments?

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