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    • abgarzia38896

      Last year during new years eve I decided to go to Boston and watch the fire works with my friends. It was around 10pm when I decided to return back home, because my friend were going to stay until 2 am. I took the train and arrived at Haverhill which was my neighboring town and I had only $11 and I couldn’t afford to take a taxi so I decided to ask someone to give me direction to the nearest bus stop. Unfortunately the person I decided to ask didn’t even stop to talk to me. Few minutes later two cops showed up and asked if I knew its illegal to pickpocketing and I was like what??? I am not pickpocketing I am just looking for bus to get me home. I explained everything to the officers and they gave me a ride to the border of my town which Methuen and they radioed an officer from my town to come and pick me up and take me home. Not all officers are bad, also depends on where you live I guess.

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