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Here Are A Few Tips To Break Into Journalism From A Young Writer

Its not easy breaking into journalism but Landon Buford is young and soaring. This is how he says he did it.

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There are so many clashing writers that only dream of interviewing their favorite artists, celebrities, and people who inspire them. The question of how to break into journalism has not yet a clear and cut answer, but the possibility of a career in journalism is achievable, and the opportunities are endless. Rising journalist and blogger Landon Buford is living his dream and helping others along the way. Landon graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelors degree in Social Science, and he was born in Seattle, Washington and currently residing in Richardson, Texas. Writing has always been a passion of his “ Writing for me has always been a way to connect with like-minded individuals on a massive scale and allowed me to help inform my audience with valued information from experts in their field.The path to realizing my dream and making it a reality consisted of trying to figure out what message I wanted to deliver to my audience, sitting down and studying my craft, and finally executing my what I learn by watching others in my field of choice. My advice to breaking into journalism is to figure out how you want to connect with your target audience. Next, I would sit down and study people that already in the field of journalism and study the techniques that they are using and incorporate it into your style. You have to go out there execute what you have to learn it won’t be easy, but you have to consist. It is a profession are going to have to hustle for yourself and network with others to the information that needs to complete your stories. Nobody will give your dream on a silver platter this something you have to work for, and consistency and originality are the two biggest things that have allowed me to get to where I am today. Landon recently interviewed Grammy Nominated and Diamond Selling Producer Jay-E, who has worked with Nelly, Plies, Three 6 Mafia, Chingy, and Tef Poe. Other people, he has interview Vice President of Free Bandz Music Group Jus Bleezy, Stark Tanks’ Daymond John, Grammy Winner Kenny G, Country Icon Lee Greenwood, Six-time Grammy Winner Malik Yusef, and the list goes on. When did you decide you wanted to work in journalism? I have always wanted to be in the sports industry since I was a young adolescent. I concluded at an early age that I was not going to be a professional athlete. So, I started researching other avenues to be still close to my passion for sports and journalism gave me that path. What school did you graduate from and with what degree? Washington State University with a BA in Sociology. How long have you been a journalist? I have been a journalist full time for almost three years now Who are some of your best interviews? One of my best interviews was with What’s Trending’s CEO, Shira Lazar. She has been a pioneer in the social media field since she launched her publication under the umbrella of CBS back in 2009. Also, her platform was an intricate part of helping launch Kendrick Lamar’s career and countless others. During our interview, Shira discussed some of the challenges she had to face early on in her career. One of them being that she was not getting the traditional jobs at big networks like Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS. This is what initially led her down the path of social media. Also, she had to deal with being hired and fired from multiple companies. This part of the interview has stuck with me ever since because I’m going through the same struggles as I build my brand and public profile. Other great conversations were with Grammy Winner Kenny G, Future Basketball Hall of Famer Lauren Jackson, 3 – Time Super Bowl Champion Emmitt Smith, and Daymond John, but Shira’s interview is at the top of my list, and I consider her to be a mentor of mine. What are some of the challenges you experienced being a journalist? I would say a challenge I have encountered during my time as a journalist is trying to find a publication that will offer full-time employment with benefits. I won’t say getting access to specific events are easy either, but the biggest challenge is trying to find full-time positions that pay. Where do you see yourself in 2018? I see myself continuing to build my brand and public profile while giving the world exclusive journalistic content. Who is your dream interview? My dream interview would be with Melinda and Bill Gates because they are such an inspiration regarding education and philanthropy. What advice would you give an up and coming journalist? I would like to say focus on the events around you and share your passion for the artistic field of journalism. Think out of the box when creating story outlines and take the time to study the craft. Stay away from the clickbait leave that to the bloggers. Follow Him On Instagram Seatownrealist and Twitter Landonbuford

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