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What It's Like To Be Snapchat Famous

Get that shot before it disappears forever. Welcome to a typical day in the life of a full-time Snapchatter.

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We tagged along on a beach adventure with full-time Snapchat pro, Shaun McBride, AKA Shonduras.

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There's pretty much nothing he can't transform with some drawings...

you + me + snapchat + today = PARTY!!

Via Twitter: @Shonduras

He even uses his own dogs as models for his snapchat drawings.

Retweet if Koopa is your mcm... #puppylove

Via Twitter: @Shonduras

A very Shonduras Valentine's greeting!

Via Twitter: @Shonduras

He's also developing a show just for Snapchat called "Snapperhero."

Marriott Hotels recently sent him to Thailand, so yes, you should probably be envious.

Shonduras has some advice for people trying to make it big on Snapchat: Just be yourself and have fun.

Shonduras / Via Instagram: @shonduras

Here's the entire Snapchat story, preserved for posterity on YouTube. That's me and my new BFF in the middle.

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If you want to read more about Shonduras and his Snapchat empire, check out these fascinating pieces by The New York Times and Forbes.