What Happened To Freezy Freakies, The Greatest Gloves Of All Time?

    Freezy Freakies were the '80s. In glove form.

    This is what they looked like before things got freezy and freaky...

    The full image only appeared when the gloves got cold.

    There were styles for all types. Including pegacorns for pegasus and unicorn lovers.

    You could also get a cool robot pair. Robots never go out of style.

    With Freezy Freakies, everyone at school was jealous of your glove game.

    They even teamed up with Puma to make Freezy Freakies shoes.

    Keep in mind, this innovative technology was introduced decades before this:

    So if grown men can wear Underoos, why aren't there Freezy Freakies for grownups right now?

    This is how your inner child feels about these gloves.

    Let's start a movement! Tell Swany America you want your Freezy Freakies.