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    This Girl Helped Her Sister With Cerebral Palsy Get A Realistic Speaking Voice

    I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying.

    When someone communicates using a computerized voice, it can feel like, well, not their own. This family got the chance to create a more authentic voice for their daughter with cerebral palsy, and it's pretty incredible.

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    This is Erin. She lives in Massachusets with her mom, her sister Megan, and her sister Maeve, who has cerebral palsy and uses a "talker" to communicate.

    Erin wrote to Dr. Patel of Vocal ID, explaining that Maeve's pre-programmed voice on her talker "sounds nothing like the voice of an 8-year-old, but there are no voices programmed that sound like one."

    The whole family got to go in to Vocal ID's headquarters, where Dr. Patel helped Erin record words and phrases and Maeve record sounds.

    Then, through ~~magical advanced technology and careful science,~~ a new voice and vocabulary was created for Maeve's device.

    After waiting ten months for it to be perfected, everyone was so happy and excited to hear the voice for the first time, but nobody more so than Maeve. <3

    Thanks to Erin's compassion and determination and the incredible work of Dr. Patel and her team, Maeve finally has a voice of her own.