Meet Krystyna Kubran, Badass Amateur Motorcycle Racer

    Race like a girl.

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    "There's maybe, like, 20 women racing motorcycles, out of about 300 guys, in California," and Krystyna Kubran is one of the faster ones.

    Krystyna, also known as Psycho-kitty, a nickname given to her by one of her sponsors years ago, is one badass chick.

    You can spot her on the racetrack by her signature pigtails, which flop in the wind, mocking the men racing behind her.

    "I've never really felt like I fit in with the crowd, and here I feel like I fit in," Krystyna says of her racing family.

    "One of the best parts about being a female racer is I have no problems bedazzling my tire warmers...bedazzling my toolbox."

    Her one complaint, however, is how hard it has been to find a significant other. "I can't get a date to save my life. They always give me the excuse, 'you're too intimidating!'"

    "Just because I do stuff doesn't mean you're any less of a man...I think it's a struggle a lot of women have that are very successful in a lot of areas that are traditionally male dominated," Krystyna says.

    With or without a partner, though, Krystyna is going to continue kicking ass, no doubt about that.

    "If I end up inspiring other girls to go pursue their dreams, whether it's to ride a motorcycle, or to go after that college degree...then I'm happy about that."