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14 Reasons "Time After Time" Presents The Sexiest Dilemma

Prepare for the sexiest dilemma of your life. Then tune in to Time After Time, Sundays on ABC!

Real talk: Time After Time may be about H.G. Wells traveling into the future to stop Jack The Ripper from committing more crimes, but it's also a classic tale of the good guy vs. the bad boy.

And with that comes a whole lotta sexy...

1. So where do you stand? The dark and mysterious bad boy...

2. ...or the sweet and wholesome good guy?

3. Here's H.G. Wells looking all wide-eyed and innocent as he discovers modern-day New York City.

4. And here's Jack The Ripper walking around like he already owns the place.

5. What about Jack donning some badass shades to go with his badass attitude?

6. Or H.G. getting all noble and swoon-worthy?

7. The bad boy can make you melt with one pout of his perfect lips.

8. But the good guy cries beautiful tears of sexiness like the gentle spirit that he is.

9. What about their smiles? H.G. is all adorable sweetness and kind eyes...

10. ...while Jack has that cocky swagger like he knows he looks good.

11. The bad boy says saucy things like this:

12. But then the good guy pulls the whole knight-in-shining-armor routine — and you're confused all over again!

13. Clearly it's time for a "shirt-off." Exhibit A:

14. Ughh, but Exhibit B is super hott too!

It's impossible to call. But there are worse problems to have, tbh. 😈

All images courtesy of ABC.