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51 Thoughts Everyone Has While Browsing Social Media

So... much... social... media. Brought to you by Selfie — series premiere Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 8|7c on ABC!

Faye Khan / BuzzFeed

1. OK, I'm just gonna do a quick check of my email, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

2. I should change my status... but I don't know what to change it to.

3. [Looking at everyone else's statuses] I've got nothing going on with my life.

4. They're getting married?!

5. Oh, God, I look so awful in this picture. I've gotta untag myself.

6. Ha, _____ looks awful in this picture! I've gotta tag him.

7. Whatever happened to _______? [Proceeds to spend three hours peeking into their life.]


8. He got hot. When did he get so hot?

9. Hmm, "change of job." Was she fired or did she quit? WAS SHE FIRED OR DID SHE QUIT.

10. Whoa, "______ is no longer in a relationship"? WHAT HAPPENED?!?!

11. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.

Courtesy of ABC

12. The only time I ever see this person is on Facebook.

13. When and how did I even meet this person?

14. Wow, I really liked this person until we became Facebook friends.

15. I really wish I could unfriend [relative].

16. Don't reply to the political/religious status. Don't reply to the political/religious status.

17. OK, screw it, I've gotta say something.


18. And now I'm unfriended. Worth it.

19. Wow, everyone from high school got old and/or married.

20. So many babies. Why so many babies?

21. Their baby is so gross.

22. Their baby is SO cute!

23. Each of these "We're having a baby" posts is using this same damn picture.


24. How do you get people to care about your Tumblr? I have a Tumblr! People should care!

25. Oh, Tumblr. You get me.

26. Post relevant to my fandom gets an automatic reblog.

27. WTF, Tumblr?!


Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed


30. Humanity is doomed.


32. This link is tagged "NSFL"... How bad could it really be?


33. Why is #_______ trending?

34. I should RT this... but... I don't wanna.

35. Should I like this or RT it?

36. But he never RTs me, so...

37. Oh, God, why are there so many hashtags?

Courtesy of ABC

38. Should I have tweeted that? Should I delete it?

39. How do they have so many followers?!

40. Is everyone watching [whatever awards show] except me?

41. I should tweet something... but I don't know what to tweet.


42. How are they regramming someone else's photo?

43. OMG this got no likes. *Deletes post* then *reposts*.

44. What's a GPOY? Am I a GPOY? How does one GPOY?

45. Why am I sharing a picture of this plate of food? Whatever, I'm doing it anyway.

46. Lemme post a selfie real quick.

Courtesy of ABC

47. Half these filters look the same.

48. Why isn't my apartment as pretty as this?

49. Who can afford this stuff?

50. Now I wanna get married!

51 I should get off the computer.

52. OMG, how have I been online for four hours?!

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

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