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The Top 10 Phil Dunphy Quotes From Modern Family

Phil Dunphy's view on life isn't the norm, which is exactly what makes him so special. Check out Phil's opinion on just about everything, and don't miss an all new season of Modern Family, Tonight at 9|8c. Only on ABC.

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  • 1. On Parenthood:

    On Parenthood:

  • 2. On Marriage:

    On Marriage:

  • 3. On His Job:

    On His Job:

  • 4. On Sex:

    On Sex:

  • 5. On Facebook:

    On Facebook:

  • 6. On Emotion:

    On Emotion:

  • 7. On High School Accomplishments:

    On High School Accomplishments:

  • 8. On Holidays:

    On Holidays:

  • 9. On His Fists:

    On His Fists:

  • 10. On Why He's Special:

    On Why He's Special: