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    This Is The Definitive Ranking Of "Victorious" Characters And If You Disagree, You're Wrong

    Tori is the WOAT, and that's a fact.

    Recently, the internet has become obsessed with Victorious again. So, naturally, I decided to watch it again for some intense nostalgia. And let me tell you, it was completely worth the rewatch.


    And just like you, I have some strong opinions about the show, particularly the characters. So, here is my ranking of the main characters in the show we all know and love.


    7. Tori


    We all saw this coming. A lot of the show’s plot is based on Tori causing problems for her friends, being annoying, and making the group solve these problems. If you don’t believe me, please recount the episode where Tori suggests they all go to Yerba (the worst vacation in existence), and then they all GO TO JAIL because of Tori! I mean, hello! And that's just ONE example!

    6. Robbie


    Don’t act surprised; Robbie is absolutely odd, and we can’t chalk it up as funny anymore. He needs to lose the puppet, and we all know this by now. Just watch the "Robarazzi" episode and you’ll agree with me. The only time he does something beneficial is when he sings “I Think You're Swell” to Cat, which makes me smile every time.

    5. Beck


    Don’t get me wrong — Beck isn’t a bad character. He just doesn’t really have a personality besides being that hot, popular guy who all the girls love. Sure, he’s nice, but just his beautiful hair isn’t enough for me to love him.

    4. Trina


    Sure, she’s annoying, but Trina is also one of the main sources of comedy in Victorious. She is shameless and will do anything for success, which is admirable. Not to mention, her play Chicago is the best thing to ever grace the television screen.

    3. Cat


    Listen up: Cat is hilarious. She’s annoying and clearly has problems, but she brings so much amusement to the show. She's so naïve, so cute, and so underrated-ly funny — not to mention, she’s a flawless singer (we all know that by now).

    2. André


    You all slept on André. He’s the most unproblematic character in Victorious, and he’s also shockingly talented — he wrote so many BOPS! André supports and helps Tori whenever she has a problem, even though she’s the worst. And, of course, he brings the show humor with his incredible grandmother. I hope he’s gotten stung by a bee since the show ended.

    1. Jade


    Jade is the biggest boss on the show, and that’s a fact. She is brutally honest, which means being a bit cruel at times, but she’s so iconic and hilarious that we can’t help but love her. Also, Jade is the definition of feminism — so powerful and strong, and never gives a shit about what anyone thinks. She’s also SO TALENTED it hurts. Victorious would be nothing without our queen, Jade.

    Well folks, you heard it here first! How would you rank the Victorious characters? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!


    I won't judge you too hard if your ranking doesn't look like mine.

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