This Is The Definitive Ranking Of "Victorious" Characters And If You Disagree, You're Wrong

    Tori is the WOAT, and that's a fact.

    Recently, the internet has become obsessed with Victorious again. So, naturally, I decided to watch it again for some intense nostalgia. And let me tell you, it was completely worth the rewatch.

    And just like you, I have some strong opinions about the show, particularly the characters. So, here is my ranking of the main characters in the show we all know and love.

    7. Tori

    6. Robbie

    5. Beck

    4. Trina

    3. Cat

    2. André

    1. Jade

    Well folks, you heard it here first! How would you rank the Victorious characters? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!