McDonald's TikTok Famous Grimace Shake Is Finally Available In Canada — And The Internet Has Mixed Opinions

    It's purple, and not for the reason I assumed.

    Better late than never — the Grimace Milkshake at McDonald's has finally arrived in Canada, after a year of feeling left out from our lucky neighbours. And it's safe to say that one way or another, people feel strongly about it.

    Hand holding a cup with a straw, filled with a purple blended beverage

    Basically, the treat was released last summer in the U.S. as a "birthday shake" for Grimace, a McDonald's mascot. After this release, Canadians were pretty loud about feeling left out on the Internet — and I guess they heard our complaints, because here it is.

    Ronald McDonald with red shoes and striped socks; Grimace in purple outfit with red and white scarf

    It wasn't a complete surprise, though — people suspected the Grimace Shake would arrive in Canada this year after the mascot was spotted at a Vancouver Canucks game on May 1.

    There’s a person running around the rink in a Grimace from McDonald’s costume .. he was hanging with the DJ by the 3rd period 😄 #Canucks

    — Ryan Lidemark 📻 🎙️ (@RyanLmark) May 1, 2024
    Twitter: @RyanLmark

    Why all the hype for a milkshake? Well, last summer, it sparked a TikTok trend in the U.S. where people would drink the shake on camera and essentially pretend that it killed them. (No, I don't really get it either.) And I guess Canadians wanted in.

    @guacbowly on TikTok
    Warning: this video is a bit graphic.

    Now that we've been able to try it, some people are super excited and would love nothing more than for the Grimace Shake to become a permanent menu item in Canada.

    Dollar Drink Days and Grimace shakes in the same week? @McDonaldsCanada is really spoiling me.

    — Jonathan Chan (@JChan_811) May 15, 2024
    Twitter: @JChan_811

    @McDonaldsCanada I don’t know who I need to talk to about this. But the Grimace Shake needs to stay.

    — Skyler Fraser (@skylerfraser14) May 15, 2024
    Twitter: @skylerfraser14

    The #grimace shake has made its way to Canada. It's not bad honestly @McDonaldsCanada

    — Frozen treats of NL (@FrozenTreats_NL) May 15, 2024
    Twitter: @FrozenTreats_NL

    Others couldn't help but joke about the Grimace TikTok trend...

    I'm still alive a day after drinking the Grimace shake. Nothing ominous or scary happened.

    — Clarion (@Clarion_AE) May 15, 2024
    Twitter: @Clarion_AE

    ...and some just find it hilarious that it took a year for Canada to get the shake at all.

    Canada JUST got the grimace shake today!? Lmaoooo

    — Piink❥ (@piinksparkles) May 15, 2024
    Twitter: @piinksparkles
    It does feel like we're embarrassingly late on a trend or something.

    Of course, lots of people aren't thrilled about the news.

    Canada is getting grimace shake 😭 Lord have mercy

    — carimell 🥞 ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ (@calixico_) May 14, 2024
    Twitter: @calixico_


    — nak. (@orderforsnubert) May 14, 2024
    Twitter: @orderforsnubert

    Grimace shakes in Canada? I’ve never had one and don’t think I ever plan to

    — Bri (@_guitarsolo) May 15, 2024
    Twitter: @_guitarsolo

    We really can't seem to agree on anything Grimace Shake-related, because there's also lots of confusion on what the flavour actually is. Some say it tastes like Froot Loops, and others say it's berry yogurt.

    by from discussion
    u/Jamminjoe_2 on Reddit / Via
    Did we even get the same shake as the U.S. after all?

    So, amidst all of this discussion, I thought I'd do a taste test to determine, once and for all, how much hype this milkshake truly deserves. The short answer? It's actually pretty good.

    Woman sipping from a straw in a patterned cup, casual attire, in a kitchen setting

    It's definitely blueberry-vanilla flavoured, so if you're not a fan of those, don't try it. But overall, I'd give it a 7 out of 10 — it does the job, but nothing to write home about. I probably wouldn't order it again, but I enjoyed tasting it.

    Hand dipping a French fry into a McDonald's milkshake

    I may be nitpicking here, but I was also a bit disappointed to see that Canada didn't also get the special birthday cup for the Grimace Shakes. It somehow made the experience less exciting — like it was just another milkshake.

    A McDonald's soda cup with a straw on a counter

    And will we be participating in the Grimace Shake TikTok trend here at BuzzFeed Canada? No, probably not. But you should definitely stay tuned to our Instagram and TikTok just in case. Oh, and also, please let us know what you think of the milkshake in the comments below!