I Watched "She's The Man" For The First Time In A While And I Have A Lot Of Thoughts

    "I'm a badass hunky dude" = best line of the movie.

    Listen up: She's the Man is one of the greatest teen movies of ALL TIME. If you haven't seen it, what the hell were you doing in the 2000s?

    So, considering it's a cinematic masterpiece and I haven't seen it in a while, I watched it again and I have SO MANY things to say. Ready?

    1. The main thing I'm confused about is that Viola and Sebastian don’t look or sound alike AT ALL. How do people mix them up when they clearly have different faces?

    And when Viola (dressed as herself) meets Duke and Olivia, how do they not realize that she’s actually Sebastian? They don't even predict that Sebastian and Viola are related!

    2. Isn’t Viola missing her own school by pretending to be her brother? Or does her school start two weeks later?

    3. Moving on: the soundtrack is flawless. "Dirty Little Secret"? YES. "4Ever"? PERFECTION. "Hey Sexy Lady"? OH YEAH.

    4. “I’m a badass hunky dude” is the best line in the movie, and that's a fact.

    5. This love triangle is really more like a love hexagon or something.

    6. The breakup scene at Cesario’s is the best scene in the movie, hands down. So many LOLs.

    7. Malcolm is so creepy. He needs to get over his whole Olivia obsession.

    8. Viola's "boy voice" gives me life. I'm not sure what kind of accent that is, but it's perfect.

    9. What school has communal showers like this? Shouldn't there be some more privacy?

    10. I don’t understand why Viola doesn’t just tell her brother she’s pretending to be him. If she just told him the truth (which, yes, it’s a bit weird, but I’m sure he’d get it), they wouldn’t have such a big mixup at the end.

    11. We are not worthy of shirtless Channing Tatum in this movie. Just look at him.

    12. Real-Sebastian playing soccer was ME in my high school gym class.

    13. Imagine going to a new school and on your first day, you show your dick to everyone in your new and old school. That’s just wild.

    14. WHO PLAYS SOCCER — or any sport, for that matter — WITH THEIR HAIR DOWN? Someone must have a hair tie Viola can use.

    15. The fact that Viola transfers to Illyria at the end of the movie is SO PERFECT.

    Anyway, those were my thoughts. Talk to you later, badass hunky dudes!