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    I Watched "Little Manhattan" For The First Time As An Adult And I Have So Many Thoughts

    Little Josh Hutcherson is too adorable for words.

    Hello everyone! I'm Abby and I LOVE 2000's movies. There's nothing like a good ol' nostalgic classic to lift your spirits.

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    ^ me when I realized that this movie is on Amazon Prime.

    Arguably one of the most underrated movies of the 2000's is Little Manhattan, an adorable childhood romance movie starring the one and only Josh Hutcherson.

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    If you haven't seen it yet, you are seriously missing out.

    So, after realizing I have not even thought about this movie in over a decade, I decided to rewatch it and record my thoughts. Without further ado, here they are.

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    1. Josh Hutcherson is too adorable and pure. 2005 was such a simpler time.

    2. Did people actually believe in cooties in elementary school? I feel like nobody actually did and it was just a joke people occasionally threw around; they’re treating it like the goddamn cheese touch in this movie.

    3. I have a problem with the fact that there’s a barf scene in the first two minutes of the movie. No movie is worth seeing barf for.

    4. “I’ve been in love for 2 and a half weeks and it’s a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.” I think this quote pretty much summarizes the movie. There seems to be some jumps in logic here, but oh well, I’ll just go along with it since they’re kids.

    5. Is it sad that I’m an adult and I’ve never been in love yet this 10 year old is parading around New York City thinking about his buzzing love life?

    6. Also, is this what ten year-olds look like in real life? I really have no idea if these actors' ages are accurate.

    7. His parents splitting up is such a sad storyline. Poor Gabe :(

    8. Gabe crying over Rosemary’s yearbook picture makes me LOL so hard. Oh, what simpler times elementary school was. I think this part was meant to be serious but me as an adult just can’t keep a straight face at how dramatic this is.

    9. The part where the screen zooms into Rosemary’s yearbook picture as Gabe shouts “Rosemary!” over and over again is the best part of the movie, no cap.

    10. His description of "the iron curtain” that separates boys and girls in elementary school is surprisingly pretty accurate. Where I live, up until high school the girls and boys are in separate worlds and it’s so weird.

    11. I miss the days where everyone would do these extra curricular activities like karate, dance, and sports… it was like we always had something to look forward to.

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    12. “Sorry, my tap class ran late.” Damn, what a busy girl Rosemary is. She also really knows how to make an entrance.

    13. When Gabe says, “I didn’t want a girl for a sparring partner,” I gotta be honest, it rubs me the wrong way. You sexist, little boy? Why don’t you want a girl to spar with?

    14. Is it normal to rank the girls in your class in order of looks like Gabe does? I feel like that’s kind of not 2021 acceptable. Then again, they are kids. But still questionable.

    15. YES ROSEMARY, GETTING THAT YELLOW BELT!! Show the other kids who’s boss.

    16. How does Gabe even end up going dress shopping with her? It seems so odd that she invited him there before they’ve ever hung out anyplace else. Elementary school friendships are a mystery.

    17. That one moment dress shopping when he ~falls for her~ is cute, but I don’t think falling love is actually like that. Go off though, Gabe.

    18. LOL WHEN HE SMELLS HER CARPET BC HE LIKES HOW SHE SMELLS. He definitely thinks he’s being subtle about it but in reality she for sure saw that happen.

    19. “It’s getting kind of late." Uh, it’s still light outside, what do you mean? Excuses, excuses.

    20. Nice going Gabe, he legit just runs right into the screen door. Can’t say I’ve never done that before, though.

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    21. The amount of voiceover in this movie is insane. I'd estimate that more than half of the movie is just Gabe’s voiceover while he scooters around Manhattan. Works for me, though.

    22. “Our next Karate class wasn’t for 3 days! How was I going to wait that long?” Ah, the good old days when 3 days seemed like forever.

    23. *decides not to go up to Rosemary one time* *assumes he’s gonna die alone*

    24. The nanny is majorly third wheeling Rosemary and Gabe in this Central Park scene.

    25. “Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?” MY HEART, AWWW! Why do no guys I know ever talk about girls like this?

    26. She’s taller than him!! Not sure why, but this makes their relationship so much more adorable.

    27. He seriously describes himself as “charming” and “suave”?? Aren’t you 10 years old bro?

    28. This may be a dumb question, but why do they even need an elevator guy? Can’t they press the buttons themselves?

    29. His little karate noises are really funny yet simultaneously so unnecessary.

    30. Okay, side note: can you BELIEVE this is the same guy as Peeta from The Hunger Games?! Wow.

    31. The way he prepares what he’s going to say before hanging out with Rosemary is too precious.

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    32. This is such a feel-good movie! If you want to feel simultaneously like a kid again but also incredibly old, watch this movie.


    34. Nothing more romantic than a Kung Fu Fighting date, amirite?

    35. They’re acting like full on adults when they go looking for houses for Gabe’s dad; I was certainly not this mature when I was 10.

    36. Um, they’re only 10 years old and they’re alone on the New York subway?!? Does anyone else find this so concerning?


    38. I wonder if it was ever awkward for the actors to film these romantic scenes together? Or maybe they even developed crushes on each other? You never know, young love is a beautiful thing.

    39. The most terrifying part of the movie is when they run into the 7th grade bully. But thankfully they have their Karate skills to save them.

    40. Rosemary’s going to ~camp~ for 6 weeks and Gabe says, “Might as well have said she’s dying." I spat out my water when I heard him say this. Too dramatic, Gabe, too dramatic.

    41. News flash: just because Rosemary has a new sparring partner, doesn’t mean this new guy is also her future husband. Turn the dramatics down, Gabe, you still have a chance.


    43. Do you remember when calling friends on the landline was all anyone did after school? I still remember some of my elementary school friends’ home phone numbers because I would call them that often after school.

    44. Gabe’s little tuxedo is just adorable *heart eyes emoji*

    45. Living in Manhattan must be so cool, and especially growing up there. Anyone who lives in NY can attest to this in the comments, though.

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    46. He holds her hand!!! That’s so cute, and he looks so satisfied when she accepts his hand. This movie is so romantic and I’m here for it.

    47. Are they gonna kiss in front of her parents? Because I feel like that’s just a bit too awkward.

    48. “Is it cooties I fear?” LOL GOOD ONE GABE!! And nice reference to the cooties line at the beginning of the movie.

    49. HE KISSED HER, YAYYY!! But why did she just leave right afterward? She has a sweet, adorable possible future boyfriend standing right in front of her and she decides to just leave????

    50. Gabe overthinks everything and low key it reminds me of myself. She simply smiles at him once and he analyzes it so carefully.

    51. Gabe failing to break the Karate board is so embarrassing, I have such second hand embarrassment for him. And his cries of pain are heart-wrenching.

    52. Jealous Gabe yelling at Rosemary and saying he hates her is so sad, but also simultaneously hilarious. The ~tea~ is spilling.

    53. Gabe having a crying fit in his room over his fight with Rosemary is ME in elementary school crying over the tiniest thing. But I still do feel bad for him.

    54. So Gabe's mom says, “Maybe some things just aren't supposed to last forever,” … and um, okay? Or maybe Rosemary’s just young, busy and confused? Some motherly advice, eh?

    55. He’s 10 years old and done with love forever? This is such a sad movie, it’s upsetting that he’s already giving up so young.

    56. Okay WOW, never-mind, what a turnaround! You go Gabe, get to that wedding and profess your love to Rosemary!!!

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    57. I get that Gabe wants to get to the wedding as quickly as possible, but if he keeps running he’s gonna be all sweaty.

    58. Why is it so easy for him to just waltz into the wedding? Shouldn’t there be some type of security or something? (I haven't been to a wedding in awhile so maybe I'm way off here, though.)

    59. This is by far the most dramatic romance movie I’ve ever seen and I’m loving it.

    60. He says I love you!!! But why won’t Rosemary say it back?? I’m upset now; that was such a letdown.

    61. Them dancing together is so cute, and I love how he rests his head on her shoulder. But shouldn’t the wedding be more entertaining? I’d want some bops playing, not slow dance music. (Again, reminder that I haven't been to a wedding in awhile.)

    62. Sure, Gabe and Rosemary don’t work out — fine, her loss. But on the bright side, Gabe’s parents getting back together in the end is so sweet!

    63. The song playing during the ending is a cover of “In My Life” by The Beatles, and it’s perfect. I screamed when it started playing because it's the best song to conclude the movie.

    64. Despite the mostly happy ending, I do feel sad for Gabe; saying goodbye to a first love is not easy. But he'll get over it; he’s only 10, after all.

    65. The movie just ended and the whole thing was so adorable; I’m glad I randomly decided to rewatch it. I seriously recommend you do the same.

    66. Lastly, a final thought: I think they should make a “Medium Manhattan” movie and then “Big Manhattan” so we can see what ends up happening to Gabe and Rosemary! Who’s with me?

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    Everyone, this is a 10/10 movie; that's my final review. Goodnight.

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