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    I Rewatched "High School Musical" For The First Time Since I Was 10, And We Need To Talk


    High School Musical defined my generation. It's a masterpiece, and it's iconic. But, when I rewatched it, I noticed some questionable aspects of the movie, which elementary school me didn't pay enough attention to. So here we go!

    My main concern was with Sharpay, the villain. She grew up a theatre kid, right? Her whole life revolves around theatre.

    So WHY THE HELL do Troy and Gabriella get to barge in to the theatre department with absolutely no previous experience, just to take the lead roles away from poor Sharpay and Ryan?

    And now on to my next point. East High must be an odd school, because I can't think of a single reason why everyone is so concerned over someone having more than one talent.

    And Troy being embarrassed about his singing and refusing to disclose his ~musical bond~ with Gabriella is just weird, and a bit rude to her.

    Later in the movie, Troy even tells his teammates that "Gabriella isn't important," which he only apologizes for after his passion for singing is accepted by his friends. Clearly, Troy is popularity-obsessed.

    And, before I wrap up, side note: do any high schools actually have GIANT posters of their students in the hallways?

    Anyway, High School Musical is still iconic, and I still love it, but I had to share my thoughts. WHAT TEAM?