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23 Things That Every Millennial/Gen Z Cusper Experienced In Their Childhood That You'll Feel In Your Bones

RIP Blockbuster. We still miss you.

If you don't already know, a Millennial/Gen Z cusper is someone born in the late 1990s to early 2000s and has subsequently experienced some highlights of both generations.


You know you're a cusper if millennials won't claim you as part of their generation, but you just can't relate to kids these days.

Here are some undeniable yet weirdly specific things all cuspers will relate to. Ready for some intense nostalgia?

Radio Disney / Via

Here we go!

1. You grew up emailing and AIM-ing your friends, not texting them.

The AOL logo guy running off screen

And don't even get me started on chain mail.

2. You're more familiar with One Direction than the Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, but you still LOVE their songs.

RCA Records

"Bye Bye Bye" is a classic, and that's a fact.

3. The first cell phone you got wasn't an iPhone, but you did get one soon after...

A Motorola phone with a slide-open QWERTY keyboard

Ah, the good old slide-out keyboard days. QWERTY was ~so~ quirky.

4. ...and your first iPhone screen probably looked like this.

A very early version of an iPhone that's very clunky

Who could forget the iconic iOS 6 to iOS 7 transformation? 😍

5. You were OBSESSED with Silly Bandz and probably still have a massive bag full of them somewhere in your closet.

SillyBandz / Via

"You have a rare, sparkly butterfly Silly Band? Wanna trade?"

6. You spent your evenings after school exploring on Club Penguin.

A variety of cartoon penguins with different professions on the game Club Penguin

And you also probably begged your parents for hours on end to buy you more Webkinz pets.

7. You also played The Sims religiously and still remember your favorite families.

A simulated game of The Sims in which a lot of random stuff is happening under one roof
EA Games

Sims 2 was the best version, don't @ me.

8. You can't relate to the Charli D'amelio and JoJo Siwa fans...

JoJo Siwa looking like Willy Wonka surrounded by a plethora of candy and candy themed decor
Instagram: @itsjojosiwa

Let's be honest, you feel too old to call yourself a Siwanator, and you're ok with that.

9. ...but you also can't remember the days when Britney Spears was really rising to fame.

Britney Spears brandishing a large snake on the VMAs in the '90s

She was just kind of always there, right?

10. You remember when Blockbuster was still open but only when you were still browsing the kid section.

An old relic of a Blockbuster video rental store
David Friedman / Getty Images

I think I may still have a Blockbuster DVD in my house somewhere that I forgot to push back into the little slot.

11. You can remember watching VHS tapes when you were little, but you spent more time with DVDs.

Old VHS tapes sitting next to some DVDs
Marietjieopp / Getty Images

Let's be honest, DVDs were hard to let go of. Thanks, Netflix.

12. You may have been too young for a Tamagotchi, but you loved your DS throughout your childhood.

A Nintendo DS with the stylus pointed on the screen

Meet me on Pictochat in 10 minutes, ok?

13. Your fondest memories of the Jonas Brothers are from Camp Rock and JONAS LA, not their recent singles.

Disney Channel

Although you did admittedly freak out a bit when you heard they were getting back together.

14. You don’t clearly remember Lizzie McGuire and never really watched Dog With A Blog — your favorite shows were The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That’s So Raven and Hannah Montana.

Disney Channel

Aside from introducing the world to Zendaya, Shake It Up just wasn't it.

15. As a child, you may or may not have had a MySpace, but you definitely begged your parents to let you have Facebook.

The original Facebook website that definitely feels outdated now
Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Now it's all about the Insta, Snapchat, and TikToks.

16. You vividly remember when Justin Bieber first became famous...

UMG Records

And you definitely remember that kid at your school who had the Bieber bowl cut.

17. ...and when YouTube was full of wacky little videos instead of various influencers/microcelebrities.


Charlie Bit My Finger, Sneezing Panda, Charlie the Unicorn, Salad Fingers, and so many more gems.

18. Despite being called the “cell phone generation,” your recess memories consist only of playgrounds and tag, and you can't fathom how or why kids are getting phones so young these days.

The kids of the Disney Channel show Recess standing on a play set during recess
Disney Channel

The word "grounders" still gives me shivers.

19. You can’t really remember a time without the Internet, but you can remember the computer taking what felt like YEARS to turn on.


And don't forget the sound of dial-up!

20. You spent your summer days making Boondoggle bracelets...

Someone making a boondoggle bracelet
Getty Images

All I can hear in my head is, “Can you start this for me?”

21. ...and drinking from Kool-Aid pouches.

A cherry flavored Kool-Aid Jammer
Kraft Heinz

The struggle of fitting the straw in the hole was worth the amazingly sugary taste. Does anyone also remember those drinks in the plastic bottles with the plastic twisty thing on the top?

22. Your favourite transportation methods were scooters and Heely's.

A pair of sneakers with wheels embedded in the heel

Anyone who rolled down the hallway with either one was a certified cool kid.

23. And finally, you're grateful that you got the best of both the Millennial and the Gen Z worlds!

Disney Channel

No pun intended.

What are some other things you experienced being a Millennial/Gen Z cusper? Let us know in the comments!