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Time To Vote: Is A Hamburger A Sandwich?

Yet another absolutely essential debate is in our midst.

Hello, burger lovers! My name is Abby and I'm an avid hamburger eater. There's nothing like a night of burgers and fries, amirite?


NGL, this was me a few nights ago.

The other night, I was eating burgers with my friends when someone dared to ask the most controversial question to our generation: "IS A HAMBURGER A SANDWICH?"


Now, I don't want to bias you, so let's go over both sides, shall we?

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Get ready for a passionate debate.

On one hand, if you define "sandwich" as two pieces of bread with food in between, technically, a hamburger does qualify as a sandwich. Just because people don't call it a sandwich, doesn't mean it isn't one.


Read it and weep, folks.

I mean, let's not be restrictive here. Hamburgers, hot dogs, wraps, and even pizza can be considered sandwiches if we stick to the literal definition of "sandwich."


Homer says it best.

However, others may argue that hamburgers are a completely separate category of food from sandwiches. Have you noticed that on certain menus, burgers never fall under the "sandwiches" category? Or that people usually don't ever refer to a hamburger as a sandwich — because to them they're just two separate categories?


If they start selling burgers in sandwich shops, give me a call and we'll start this debate over again.

"What type of sandwich do you want?" "Oh, I'd like a hamburger." — AKA A CONVERSATION THAT NEVER HAPPENS. What matters more than a silly, arbitrary definition is what society has accepted as the meaning of a sandwich. As of right now, hamburgers and sandwiches are just not synonymous.


The inventor of hamburgers surely would have never wanted this.

Perhaps we should ask Gordon Ramsay what he thinks. Until then, we can only rely on you to tell us if a hamburger is indeed a sandwich, or just a hamburger.


Ready for the poll of a lifetime?

  1. So, tell us: Is a hamburger a sandwich?

    So, tell us: Is a hamburger a sandwich?

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So, tell us: Is a hamburger a sandwich?
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    Yes! Always has been and always will be!
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    Nope! A hamburger is a hamburger.
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    I have no clue and this is stressing me out.