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I Asked AI To Make Jerseys For The Professional Women's Hockey Teams, And It's Time To Vote For Your Favourites

These Montreal jerseys have me SPEECHLESS.

If you're a hockey fan at all, you know it's the first-ever playoffs season for the Professional Women's Hockey Team (PWHL) — and it's safe to say all six teams made killer debuts this year.

Two hockey players from opposing teams competing on the ice during a game

Since it's the league's first season, the teams don't have official jerseys or team names yet. With this in mind, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and ask AI to create some options for us to vote on. And let's just say these designs blew me away.

Two hockey players in Toronto uniforms celebrating a goal on the ice with the goalie in the background

For each of the six teams, I'll show you the current temporary jersey, and then the two options made by AI. Finally, you'll be able to vote on your favourite of the two AI-produced designs.

1. First up, we've got Toronto! Here's the temporary jersey:

Hockey player in action during a game, wearing Toronto's blue and white uniform, number 22

And this is AI's first of two designs:

Hockey jersey with Toronto skyline, maple leaf emblem, and snowflake patterns

Here's another AI-designed Toronto jersey:

Hockey jersey with Toronto skyline, maple leaves, and a raccoon holding a hockey puck

2. Next up is Ottawa. This is the jersey players currently wear:

Hockey player in Ottawa jersey on ice rink with teammates and referee in background

Now, here's what AI came up with:

Hockey jersey featuring maple leaves, tulips, and a silhouette of Parliament Hill

And another option for Ottawa:

A hockey jersey featuring a wolf and Canadian-themed graphics, including a depiction of the Parliament buildings

3. These are Montreal's current jerseys:

Hockey team members on the ice rink wearing Montreal jerseys, some with raised hockey sticks

And take a look at this new design:

Hockey jersey featuring a snowy owl design with mountain and forest illustration

Or, what about this one?

Festive-themed hockey jersey with city skyline, a doughnut, and stars

4. Of course, can't forget about our beloved U.S. teams. A reminder of Boston's current jerseys:

Female hockey player on ice celebrating with raised hockey stick, wearing Boston team uniform with a "C" captain's letter

Here's one AI-generated Boston jersey:

An illustrated hockey jersey with a swan and cityscape design

And this is our second option:

Hockey jersey with cityscape, teapot, and floral design

5. Next is Minnesota; here is the team's temporary jersey:

Hockey player on ice in Minnesota jersey with helmet and holding a stick, fans in background

Now, take a look at one AI-designed option:

Hockey jersey with starry night and mountain design featuring a flying bird emblem

And check out the second AI jersey:

Sports jersey with intricate stag and floral graphic design

6. Last but not least, New York. Here's their current jersey:

Ice hockey players in action on the rink, wearing "New York" jerseys, with gear and fans in background

And here's the jersey made by AI:

Hockey jersey with a graphic of the Statue of Liberty and New York City landmarks

Last one! This is our second option for NYC:

Hockey jersey with city skyline, taxi, and geometric patterns, no people visible

Got any other jersey design ideas for PWHL teams? Let us know in the comments below, and follow BuzzFeed Canada on TikTok and Instagram for more!