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31 Funny Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Sum Up School

There's 104 days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it...

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1. This accurate process:


2. This fact that teachers just don't understand:


3. And this one:

4. This annoying experience:

5. This pun:

6. This post that is just too true:

7. This connection:

8. This crazy experience we've all been through:

9. The truth.

10. The stress.

11. The times that just aren't fair.

12. And this:

13. These occasional hilarious moments:

14. These people we call teachers who just love to torture us:

15. This awkward moment:

16. This actually funny joke:

17. When they prepared us for the real world.

18. This difficult feat:

19. These heroes:

20. This common thought:

21. The uncommon moment when you're the boss.

22. This stressful realization:

23. And more unfairness.

24. This glimpse into the secret life of teachers:

25. This piece of advice:

26. This comeback that nobody has the guts to say:

27. Those times when you want to become invisible.

28. And the times that make you say "ohhhhh."

29. This story:

30. This realism:

31. And the times when school can actually be pretty okay.

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