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    17 Tumblr Posts That Are Just Too Damn Hilarious

    You may only understand them if you're weird AF, though.

    1. This crazy Justin Bieber theory.

    2. This confusing yet hilarious post.

    3. This celebrity photobomb.

    4. This creative idea.

    5. Weird Woody.

    6. This attempt at a good pun.

    7. This "deep" post.

    8. This odd image.

    9. This hilarious tweet.

    10. This statement that is just too true.

    11. This sassy comeback.

    12. This creepy picture.

    13. This Kanye poem that must have taken a while to write.

    14. This awesome thought.

    15. This reference.

    16. This funny pun.

    17. And finally, this hilarious thought.

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