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    21 Yahoo Answers Questions That Will Make You Laugh

    Why, internet, why.

    1. This person who has probably never gone to school.

    2. This ridiculous and false theory.

    3. This question that will make all Canadians roll their eyes.

    4. This question with a simple answer: you can't.

    5. We are concerned for whoever wrote this question.

    6. And this one.

    7. This person who should probably learn to read.

    8. This question, written by someone who does not understand the world.

    9. You should probably do a spell check before salt check.

    10. This worry.

    11. This person who doesn't really understand what evolution is.

    12. This.

    13. Another person who doesn't understand science.

    14. This hilarious answer to a stupid question.


    16. This Belieber.

    17. This person, who would definitely make a great parent.

    18. This question we've all had.

    19. This question with an easy answer.

    20. This computer expert.

    21. And perhaps the stupidest and funniest question of them all.