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    21 Tumblr Posts About Food That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    This post is bananas.

    1. This slightly violent cake:

    2. This extraordinary lemon:

    3. This absolutely genius idea:

    4. A dream come true:

    5. These reject Nerds:

    6. This weak pun:

    7. These healthy treats:

    8. This delicious mess:

    9. The best way to use a gym card:

    10. This insane idea:

    11. This dream ring:

    12. One of the many reasons why food names make no sense:

    13. This funny bet:

    14. This sad truth:

    15. The real reason to be upset in life:

    16. This hilariously deep description:

    17. This lazy life hack:

    18. This ~animal~:

    19. This exquisite meal:

    20. The best weekend plans:

    21. And finally, Zinger Trump.

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