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    17 Signs You Get Annoyed Very Easily

    Are you annoyed at this post?

    1. Rolling your eyes is just a natural instinct at this point in your life.

    Because you just can't help it.

    2. Your phone has broken in the past just from you throwing it when you’re angry.

    Been there, done that.

    3. The glass always seems to be half empty to you.

    "Is someone being a negative nancy?"

    4. You never hesitate to tell people exactly how you feel.

    Because they just need to know.

    5. You know how to tell someone that they’re being annoying just by looking at them.

    You've mastered the hair flip.

    6. You hate mainstream things.

    And when people deny that they're mainstream.

    7. You get seriously mad at people when they RNR you.


    8. You never use the word “bae” and never want to.

    Like, just say "best friend" or something.

    9. People have told you that you overreact about things but you deny that it’s true.

    And when these people tell you that you're overreacting it doesn't make anything better... it just makes you even more annoyed.

    10. Slow wifi kills you.

    It annoys everyone but it seems to make you much more angry than other people.

    11. You say phrases like “ew!” and “as if!” daily.

    Because you just can't help it.

    12. You have way too many pet peeves to count.

    Let's just say that if you did count it would take you way too much time.

    13. You love to rant, even when nobody's listening.

    But you do get pissed off when people don't listen to your long stories.

    14. For you, no sleep = no patience.

    And you seem to regret everything you say as soon as you say it.

    15. You absolutely hate little annoying things more than you should.

    Whoever did that though... seriously.

    16. You get hangry very often.

    Hungry + Angry = Hangry.

    17. But at the end of the day, you’re honest about everything and are really nice to the people that don’t annoy the crap out of you.

    Because annoying people can leave.