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14 Painfully Real Tweets About College That'll Make You Laugh

Are you taking a break from stuDYING?

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1. These stages.

2. This sad fact.

Mom: honey are you getting enough sleep? Me: sometimes when I sneeze my eyes close.

3. For the times when we just can't.

*follows dreams* *dreams don't follow back* *unfollows dreams*

4. And the times that you can't handle.

5. When even Bob The Builder can't fix it.

6. These overwhelming times.

7. And the stress.

8. This confusing but true tweet.

College is crazy man. You can talk to someone all the time and still not know their name.

9. The "why me?" moments.

"Murphy's Law of Attendance: the day you don't show up to class is the day they take attendance." — University of Toledo

10. The horror.

As a college student I don't know what's worse, checking my bank account or checking the assignments I have to get done.

11. This throwback to rough times as a kid.

I had lots of imaginary friends as a kid. In that I went into school and imagined all the other kids were my friends.

12. The times when you're not even at school and things are still awkward.

When you see someone from school in public

13. And the times when things are overwhelming but still hilarious.

14. Finally, this "coincidence."

Stu(dying) Stu(died) Coincidence? I think not.

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