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12 Truths You Understand If You Don't Like Most Pop Music

You've got the music in you.

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1. The songs you like never seem to play on the radio.

And this is your face when you turn on the radio.

And this is your face when you turn on the radio.

2. It’s sometimes difficult to find someone with the same awesome music taste as you.

The struggles.

3. You could rant for a very long time about how you don’t like one genre of music.

And you have done so before.

4. When people say that their favourite genre is pop, you automatically look down on them.

You just can't help it.

5. You consider your playlists to be the best out there, because they’re full of awesome music.

There's just so much pride.

6. You always wish that parties played better music.

It's so annoying when it's only pop.

It's so annoying when it's only pop.

7. The songs that always seem to get stuck in your head are rarely ever your favourites.

And it's so difficult to get them out.

8. You just don’t understand why some songs are popular.

Just why?

9. When there is a pop song that you like, you get sick of it right away because it gets played non-stop.

They're all just so damn repetitive.

10. You don’t know too many people who have the same appreciation for good music like you.

It's actually sad.

11. In your opinion, unknown artists are the best artists.

So much love.

12. But honestly, you know your music is the best no matter what anyone else says.

Because ain't nobody got time for pop.

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