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Tom And Huck: My Thoughts

From my perspective, the 1995 Disney film Tom and Huck is very awesome, as well as very inspiring — especially for the writers of fiction (who are really good at it).

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Ironically, although it’s a Disney film, Injun Joe never abducted or separated Becky Thatcher from Tom (unlike Jafar with Princess Jasmine in the 1992 film Aladdin).

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Usually, in most of the stories I’ve heard or read about, the villain (also known as the antagonist) would kidnap someone who is close to the hero — namely, the hero’s true love (or love interest).

If there was one scene I wish was in Tom and Huck, it would definitely be none other than this one:

Basically, Becky (Rachael Leigh Cook) gets separated from Tom (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) in the caves. Unfortunately for her, she runs into Injun Joe (Eric Schweig), who abducts her. This causes Tom to be in a situation where he has to make a choice: save Becky or keep looking for Murrell’s lost treasure.

Tom rescuing Becky was never in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

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Although Tom rescuing Becky was never in the novel, it was an important plot in the Nintendo video game “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” where Tom dreams that he has to rescue Becky from Injun Joe’s clutches, as well as in “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: The Musical”, where Injun Joe grabs Becky after Tom leaves her alone for a moment in McDougal’s Cave, where they have gotten lost.

A sequel sounds quite good (but was never made)..

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Tom and Huck 2: Rescuing Becky

I also wish they had made a sequel to Tom and Huck; in the sequel, Becky is haunted by visions of Injun Joe, which causes her to fear for her life. So, she enlists the help of Tom and Huck in order to get rid of the visions.

Injun Joe Returns, and Tom and Becky are Missed

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In this scene from the movie, the townspeople are shocked to hear of the death of tavern owner Emmett (Lenny Flaherty), while Judge Thatcher (Charles Rocket) discovers that his daughter Becky and Tom Sawyer have gotten lost in McDougal's Cave and that Injun Joe has come back to take revenge on Tom, so he gathers up a search party, and they go looking for Tom and Becky.

Judge Thatcher’s Inspiring Speech

Also, there's this really awesome speech given by Judge Thatcher in one scene to the group of men around him:

“Gentlemen, my daughter Rebecca and Tom Sawyer are both lost in the caves, and Injun Joe has come back to take his revenge on Tom. Now be on your guard. Injun Joe has already killed twice. The sheriff and I believe that he will not hesitate to kill again.”

From my perspective, that speech is very awesome, as well as very brilliant and creative, too.

A great film to watch...

From my perspective, Tom and Huck: a great Disney film that most people who saw it in theaters on December 22, 1995 — as well as those who are inspired by it, too.. :)

However, what are your thoughts on this film? Be sure to explain in the responses, please.. :)

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