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    34 Products People Who Work From Home Actually Use

    Tried-and -rue products reviewers who work from home swear by.

    1. A bamboo two-tier monitor stand that not only brings your computer to a better height (to help you avoid neck and eye strain) but also has convenient storage space for the random things on your desk.

    Reviewer pic of the bamboo monitor stand on a desk with the lower shelf, five compartments, and a groove for a cellphone and pen filled with office supplies

    2. Or an adjustable wood shelf to put next to your computer and keep any books or materials you need close by and at the ready.

    The shelf in black with books organized in two shelves on the right and small plants, a clock, and other trinkets in shelves on the left

    3. A USB-powered cooling pad for anyone whose laptop starts to sounds like a plane is taking off after working for, oh, approximately five minutes. This gadget has three fans in it to keep your computer calm, cool, and collected, so you can get your work done without much of a hassle.

    4. A wall charger with six outlets *and* two USB fast-charging ports to keep all your devices and accessories at 100% and not die in the middle of that team meeting.

    5. A Rocketbook smart–reusable notebook that takes your handwritten notes and makes them digital so when your boss asks for a recap of that meeting in your one-on-one, you can send it as an attachment and look super on top of everything.

    Reviewer pic of the notebook open on a desk with notes neatly written on either side and two pens sitting next to it

    6. A sport-brella designed with SPF 50+ and a universal clamp, so it's actually a really great way for you to be able to work outside without your laptop overheating and the sun making it nearly impossible to see the screen.

    Reviewer pic of umbrella in which attached to a chair shading a laptop on a table

    7. A glass dry-erase desktop whiteboard you can write your important reminders and "I CAN'T FORGET" notes on instead of using scraps of paper.

    Reviewer pic of the long rectangle-shaped whiteboard with groove across the top with markers in it in with a keyboard in front of it

    8. A Takeya cold brew maker so you can easily pour yourself a glass at 3 p.m. when you normally might have taken a trip to the nearest coffee shop.

    9. A standing desk converter to turn your desk (or even your kitchen table) into a workspace that works for you.

    A two-tier standing desk in light brown and black on top of an actual desk with a laptop and keyboard on it

    10. A folding wall organizer you can put all your important documents in and then grab them when you need them, instead of searching through that pile that's been sitting on your desk for wayyy too long.

    11. A privacy sign great for anyone working from a full house where people like to barge in even when the door is closed.

    12. A memory foam chair cushion with a nonslip rubber bottom to ensure you'll be comfortable all day long — it won't move around when you get up every once and a while to stretch your legs (and maybe pet your dog).

    Reviewer pic of the velvet-like cushion on the seat of an office chair

    13. A selfie ring light for anyone who has found themselves working in less-than-ideal lighting during a marathon of Zoom calls. This small device will make a big difference so everyone can see your beautiful face.

    14. A velvet open-back office chair that'll not only add a sleek and sophisticated look to your office but also be a comfortable place to hang out in for eight hours a day.

    Pink velvet office chair with a rectangle opening in the back and five silver legs with black wheels

    15. A mesh desk organizer with a three-compartment sliding drawer, tray, and five upright sections designed to fit SO much more than you think it can and make your desk feel clean.

    A reviewer's organizer with an assortment of desk supplies inside

    16. A two-tier folding desk perfect for anyone who doesn't have a ton of room for a desk but still wants a designated workspace. Bonus: This one can be folded up and stashed away easily after the workweek is over.

    Two-tier wood-top desk with black metal crossing legs

    17. Or a hanging window desk designed to take a window and transform it into a standing desk — one that won't infringe on your space too much. When you live where you work, and work where you live, especially in a small space, you want a desk that won't take over the whole room. This will let you crush your to-do list and then move on. It's called work/life balance.

    A wooden desk hung up by ropes and suction to a window with a laptop on it

    18. ORRRR A lap desk if you don't have space for a desk at all. Or just want an option that lets you take your desk from the couch to the bed and back again. This one basically has all the cool features — a built-in mouse and wrist pad as well as a phone and tablet holder.

    The lap desk

    19. A weekly agenda pad designed with space to write down the tasks you have to do each day of the week, so you don't miss a deadline, which will *probably* lead to a promotion by the end of the year.

    The pad

    20. Or a daily planner if you *really* want to get down to business and focus on what you need to accomplish every day. It has a place for your top priorities, to-do list, appointments, health and fitness, meal planning, accomplishments, and even a place to doodle during your longest meeting. So essentially this will be your new assistant.

    21. A soundproofing strip to help block out all the surrounding noise so your coworkers can actually hear you speak instead of just the neighbor's dog barking.

    22. Or a white-noise machine that'll drown out any unnecessary background noise with a constant pfshhhhhh or nature sound.

    A hand-sized white noise machine on a bedside table

    23. A laptop stand to take your productivity to ~new heights~. JK, we can't guarantee it will do that, but improving your posture and not straining your eyes as much will help you feel better at the end of the day.

    Reviewer pic of the silver laptop stand on a desk with a laptop raised on it

    24. A sunlamp designed to mimic the benefits of sunlight to improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm, if you work off hours or just can't seem to find time to be outside.

    The rectangle-shaped light sitting on the counter with a pour-over coffee next to it

    25. A double-sided electronics cleaning brush that'll give your computer a good deep clean because when you work where you live, sometimes your laptop becomes a movie screen at night where a few popcorn crumbs somehow get into the keyboard. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    26. A portable dual monitor for anyone who didn't realize they'd be working from home this long and misses their dual screens dearly. This device attaches to your laptop so you have double the space to spread out your work. Plus, you can easily move it from room to room (or even from bed, to couch, to desk, back to bed) depending on how you spend your day.

    A laptop with a small black monitor attached to the existing monitor on a desk

    27. A reversible waterproof desk mat you can put on your table if you really have no place at all for a desk so you can at least make it feel like you're working from one.

    28. A desk elliptical that'll help you get a workout in and stay active during the day, no gym required. Now you can spend your nights doing other fun stuff, such as bingeing your favorite TV show...again.

    Reviewer pic of the small elliptical under a desk with a chair in front of it

    29. Or a rolling desk bike that's a viral TikTok sensation for a reason — it will keep you active and moving all day while saying comfortable enough to get your work done. Just imagine the places you'll go with this thing.

    Reviewer image of white bike desk in a home with laptop propped on the tray and drink in the holder

    30. ORRR a balance ball chair to help you ~balance~ it all (i.e., getting work done and strengthening your core without ever having to leave the house).

    Reviewer pic of a green balance ball with a black holder in front of a desk

    31. Some Monkey Noodles, which may sound and look like a toy, well, because they are. You can stretch, pull, twirl, wrap, and squeeze this sensory toy to help you stay calm and focused during long team meetings you just knowwww should have been an email.

    Reviewer holding five long noodle-shaped toys in different colors

    32. A set of adhesive cable clips so you can organize all the cords you have on your desk and not spend 10 minutes fishing out your computer charging cord that fell behind your desk...again.

    A model showing the adhesive back of the small holder before putting it on a desk and putting a cable in it

    33. A charging dock with three slots to keep both your work and personal electronics organized and charging because they're all in the same place now.

    A wood charging station with three different-sized slots to fit electronics, including a phone, iPad, and laptop

    34. And a high-tech office chair complete with adjustable lumbar support, a heating pad, and I can't forget the best part — MASSAGE SETTINGS!!! Yes, that means that this chair can work for you during the workday. How cool is that?

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