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What's The Best Piece Of Home Decor You've Ever Bought?

Share your best find!

Finding the perfect decor for your home can be challenging. Where do you even start?

Spyglass Entertainment

*Googles "Beautiful Cheap Home Decor" as quickly as possible.*

Plus, once you find the perfect piece, you may have a hard time *actually* getting it into your place.

Warner Bros. Television

But, once it's in, it's beautiful!

So, we want to know. What's the best piece of home decor you've bought for your place? Whether it's splurge-worthy or cheap, share you knowledge with others looking to make their house a home.

High Noon Entertainment

If only Chip and JoAnna could redo and decorate my place. *Sigh*

Maybe it's a beautiful rug you saved up for for months because you knew it would look PERFECT in your living room.

Rifle Paper Co

Or a chic yet functional skyline wall mount you've had for YEARS and loved so much you've moved it from apartment to apartment.


I have, in fact, moved this coat rack from apartment to apartment.

Perhaps it's a coffee table you got for a steal that everyone who visits thinks you got from a fancy boutique.


Or a bar cart that really pulls the whole room together and makes you feel super fancy no matter what kind of alcohol you have on it.


Let us know about the best piece of home decor you've ever bought *and* why it's so great in the comments, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.